4654. mappalah
Strong's Concordance
mappalah: ruin
Original Word: מַפָּלָה
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: mappalah
Phonetic Spelling: (map-paw-law')
Definition: a ruin
מַמָּלָה noun feminine a ruin; — absolute ׳מ of city Isaiah 17:1.

מַמֵּלָה noun feminine id.; — absolute ׳מ of city Isaiah 23:13; Isaiah 25:2.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

Or mappelah {map-pay-law'}; from naphal; something fallen, i.e. A ruin -- ruin(-ous).

see HEBREW naphal

Forms and Transliterations
לְמַפֵּלָ֑ה לְמַפֵּלָֽה׃ למפלה למפלה׃ מַפָּלָֽה׃ מפלה׃ lə·map·pê·lāh lemappeLah ləmappêlāh map·pā·lāh mappaLah mappālāh
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Englishman's Concordance
Isaiah 17:1
HEB: וְהָיְתָ֖ה מְעִ֥י מַפָּלָֽה׃
NAS: And will become a fallen ruin.
KJV: from [being] a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.
INT: and will become ruin A fallen

Isaiah 23:13
HEB: אַרְמְנוֹתֶ֔יהָ שָׂמָ֖הּ לְמַפֵּלָֽה׃
NAS: its palaces, they made it a ruin.
KJV: thereof; [and] he brought it to ruin.
INT: palaces made A ruin

Isaiah 25:2
HEB: קִרְיָ֥ה בְצוּרָ֖ה לְמַפֵּלָ֑ה אַרְמ֤וֹן זָרִים֙
NAS: city into a ruin; A palace
KJV: city a ruin: a palace
INT: city A fortified A ruin A palace of strangers

3 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 4654
3 Occurrences

lə·map·pê·lāh — 2 Occ.
map·pā·lāh — 1 Occ.

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