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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

jab'-ne-el, jab'-ne (yabhne'el, "God is builder"; Septuagint Lebna, Swete reads Lemna; the Apocrypha has Iamnia, Iamneia):

(1) A town on the northern border of the land assigned to Judah, near the western sea, mentioned in connection with Ekron (Joshua 15:11). The place is now represented by the modern village of Yebna which stands upon a hill a little to the South of the Nahr Rubin, about 12 or 13 miles South of Jaffa, on the road from there to Askelon, and about 4 miles from the sea. It had a port, now called Mina Rubin, a short distance South of the mouth of the river, some remains of which still exist. Its harbor was superior to that of Jaffa (PEFS, 1875, 167-68). It does not occur in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament except in the passage mentioned, but it appears under the form "Jabneh" (yabhneh) in 2 Chronicles 26:6, as is evident from the mention of Gath and Ashdod in connection with it. The Septuagint reads Gemna (Jabneh) where the Hebrew reads wa-yammah, "even unto the sea," in Joshua 15:46, where Ekron and Ashdod and other cities and villages are mentioned as belonging to Judah's inheritance. Josephus (Ant., V, i, 22) assigns it to the tribe of Dan. We have no mention of its being captured by Joshua or occupied by Judah until the reign of Uzziah who captured it and demolished its wall, in connection with his war upon the Philistines (2 Chronicles 26:6). The position of Jabneel was strong and was the scene of many contests, both in the period of the monarchy and that of the Maccabees. It is mentioned frequently in the account of the wars of the latter with the Syrians. It was garrisoned by the Seleucid kings, and served as a base for raiding the territory of Judah. When Judas Maccabeus defeated Gorgias and the Syrians he pursued them to the plains of Jabneel, but did not take the fortress (1 Maccabees 4:15). Gorgias was there attacked by the Jewish generals Joseph and Azarias, contrary to Judas' orders, who were repulsed with loss (1 Maccabees 5:56-60; Josephus, Ant, XII, viii, 6). Apollonius occupied it for King Demetrius (1 Maccabees 10:69); and Cendebeus for Antiochus, and from there harassed the Jews (1 Maccabees 15:40). Judas burned the port and navy of Jabneel (2 Maccabees 12:8-9). It was taken by Simon in 142 B.C. (Josephus, Ant, XIII, vi, 7; BJ, I, ii, 2), together with Gazara and Joppa, but was restored to its inhabitants by Pompey in 62 B.C. (Ant., XIV, iv, 4), and was rebuilt by Gabinius in 57 B.C. (BJ, I, viii, 4). It was restored to the Jews by Augustus in 30 A.D. Herod gave it to his sister Salome and she bequeathed it to Julia, the wife of Augustus (Ant., XVIII, ii, 2; BJ, II, ix, 1). The town and region were prosperous in Roman times, and when Jerusalem was besieged by Titus the Sanhedrin removed to Jabneel, and it afterward became the seat of a great rabbinical school (Milman, History of the Jews, II, 411-12), but was suppressed in the persecution under Hadrian. Antonius allowed it to be revived, but it was again suppressed because of hostile language on the part of the rabbis (ibid., 451-52). The Crusaders built there the castle of Ibelin, supposing it to be the site of Gath. It was occupied by the Saracens, and various inscriptions in Arabic of the 13th and 14th centuries have been found there (SWP, II, 441-42).

(2) A town of Naphtali mentioned in Joshua 19:33, and supposed to be the site of the modern Yemma, Southwest of the sea of Galilee (SWP, I, 365). It is the Kefr Yama of the Talmud

H. Porter

Strong's Hebrew
2996. Yabneh -- "he causes to build," a Philistine city
... 2995, 2996. Yabneh. 2997 . "he causes to build," a Philistine city.
Transliteration: Yabneh Phonetic Spelling: (yab-neh') Short Definition: Jabneh. ... Jabneh. ...
/hebrew/2996.htm - 6k

Jabneh. Jamnia.
... A Chorographical Century. Chapters 11-20 Chapter 15 Jabneh. Jamnia.
...Pliny doth dispose the towns here in this order;""Azotus ...
/.../lightfoot/from the talmud and hebraica/chapter 15 jabneh jamnia.htm

... When the Sanhedrim sat in Jabneh, there flourished eminent schools in Lydda.
Yea, Lydda had her schools and her learned men, when ...
/.../lightfoot/from the talmud and hebraica/chapter 16 lydda.htm

... A Chorographical Century. Chapters 81-90 Chapter 84 Usha. "The Sanhedrim went from
Jabneh to Usha, and from Usha to Shepharaam." The Gloss is, "To Jabneh in the ...
/.../lightfoot/from the talmud and hebraica/chapter 84 usha.htm

The Consistories of More Note: Out of the Babylonian Talmud ...
... Indeed, the Sanhedrim of R. Jochanan was in Jabneh; but his consistory, his seat
of judgment, seems to be distinguished from the Sanhedrim. ...
/.../lightfoot/from the talmud and hebraica/chapter 96 the consistories of.htm

Within what Tribe the Lake of Gennesaret Was.
... Jacob Bar Aidai saith, in the name of R. Jochanan, Let no man absent himself from
Beth-Midrash, for this question was many a time propounded in Jabneh, The boat ...
/.../lightfoot/from the talmud and hebraica/chapter 71 within what tribe.htm

A Young Man who Said, "Send Me"
... He fought against the Philistines, and broke down the wall of Gath and of Jabneh
and of Ashdod and built cities near Ashdod and among the Philistines. ...
//christianbookshelf.org/sherman/the childrens bible/a young man who said.htm

Concerning Jeroboam King of Israel and Jonah the Prophet; and How ...
... He made an expedition also against the Philistines, and overcame them in battle,
and took the cities of Gath and Jabneh, and brake down their walls; after ...
/.../josephus/the antiquities of the jews/chapter 10 concerning jeroboam king.htm

The Greek Versions as Aids to Biblical Study.
... In the last days of Jerusalem a school had been founded at Jamnia (Jabneh, Yebna)
[902] , near the Philistine seaboard, by R. Jochanan ben Zaccai. ...
/.../chapter iv the greek versions.htm

The Canon.
... The question emerged again at a later synod in Jabneh or Jamnia, when R. Eleaser
ben Asaria was chosen patriarch, and Gamaliel the Second, deposed. ...
//christianbookshelf.org/gladden/who wrote the bible/chapter xi the canon.htm

The Old Testament Canon from Its Beginning to Its Close.
... school of Shammai, who had the majority, opposed; so that the book was probably
excluded.(63) The question emerged again at a later synod at Jabneh or Jamnia ...
/.../davidson/the canon of the bible/chapter ii the old testament.htm

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(building of God), (2 Chronicles 26:6) [JABNEEL]

ATS Bible Dictionary

Afterwards Jamnia, now Jebna, a Philistine city on the Mediterranean coast, some twelve miles south of Joppa. It was conquered by the Jews, 2 Chronicles 26:6.

Easton's Bible Dictionary
Building, (2 Chronicles 26:6), identical with Jabneel (Joshua 15:11).
Jabneh (1 Occurrence)
... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. JABNEEL; JABNEH. ... It is the Kefr Yama of the Talmud
H. Porter. Multi-Version Concordance Jabneh (1 Occurrence). ...
/j/jabneh.htm - 10k

Jabneel (2 Occurrences)
... Its later name was Kefr Yemmah, "the village by the sea," on the south shore of
Lake Merom. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. JABNEEL; JABNEH. ...
/j/jabneel.htm - 11k

Pharisees (86 Occurrences)
... Zealots, Simon ben Gioras and John of Gischala (BJ, V, i). The truth behind the
Talmudic statements that Gamaliel removed the Sanhedrin to Jabneh and that ...
/p/pharisees.htm - 66k

Uzziah (27 Occurrences)
... head of the Red Sea, was restored to Judah, and the city rebuilt (2 Kings 14:22
2 Chronicles 26:2); the walls of certain hostile towns, Gath, Jabneh and Ashdod ...
/u/uzziah.htm - 27k

Jabok (1 Occurrence)

/j/jabok.htm - 6k

Warred (13 Occurrences)
... 2 Chronicles 26:6 He went forth and warred against the Philistines, and broke down
the wall of Gath, and the wall of Jabneh, and the wall of Ashdod; and he ...
/w/warred.htm - 10k

Rebuilt (47 Occurrences)
... 2 Chronicles 26:6 He went forth and warred against the Philistines, and broke down
the wall of Gath, and the wall of Jabneh, and the wall of Ashdod; and he ...
/r/rebuilt.htm - 20k

Elsewhere (14 Occurrences)
... 2 Chronicles 26:6 He went forth and warred against the Philistines, and broke down
the wall of Gath, and the wall of Jabneh, and the wall of Ashdod; and he ...
/e/elsewhere.htm - 10k

Makkedah (8 Occurrences)
... The Palestine Exploration surveyors have, however, identified it with el-Mughar,
or "the caves," 3 miles from Jabneh and 2 1/2 southwest of Ekron, because ...
/m/makkedah.htm - 12k

Bible Concordance
Jabneh (1 Occurrence)

2 Chronicles 26:6 He went forth and warred against the Philistines, and broke down the wall of Gath, and the wall of Jabneh, and the wall of Ashdod; and he built cities in the country of Ashdod, and among the Philistines.



Jabneh: A Philistine City

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