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571. apistos -- incredible, unbelieving
... incredible, unbelieving. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: apistos Phonetic
Spelling: (ap'-is-tos) Short Definition: unbelieving, incredulous ...
// - 8k

2217. zophos -- deep gloom
... gloom, referring to darkness so dense and foreboding it is "felt"; (figuratively) ,
associated with the nether world () bringing its indescribable (incredible ...
// - 7k

1404. drakon -- a dragon (a mythical monster)
... of . 1404 ("a dragon") was believed to have incredible insight, able to
spot prey in any hiding place.]. Word Origin from an alt. ...
// - 7k

3026. leros -- silly talk
... idle tale. Apparently a primary word; twaddle, ie An incredible story -- idle tale.
(leros) -- 1 Occurrence. 3025b, 3026. leros. 3027 . Strong's Numbers.
// - 6k

5193. hualinos -- of glass, glassy
... This projects (reflects) the glory He invested in them as ("") . In this way, --
believers have the incredible privilege of (reflecting) it! ...
// - 7k

3146. mastigoo -- to scourge
... 38). For example, God authorized an incredible amount of earthly pain
(bringing ) in the lives of Jeremiah and John the Baptist. ...
// - 7k

262. amarantinos -- unfading
... See 263 (). [The flower has incredible resiliency (ability to endure). It
easily revives when moistened, even after it is uprooted.]. ...
// - 7k


It is Almost Incredible to Relate How the Hebrews who had Come ...
... The Sacred History Of Sulpitius Severus. Book I. Chapter XIII. It is almost
incredible to relate how the Hebrews who had come down into Egypt� ...
/.../severus/life and writings of sulpitius severus /chapter xiii it is almost.htm

This Charge Utterly Incredible and Absurd.
... Chapter II. 7. This charge utterly incredible and absurd. Is it not mere
madness in my accuser even to suspect me of such a thing? ...
/.../select works and letters or athanasius/7 this charge utterly incredible.htm

Incredible Turpitudes in God Imagined by Manichæus.
... Concerning the Nature of Good, Against the Manichæans. Chapter 44.
"Incredible Turpitudes in God Imagined by Manichæus. But ...
/.../chapter 44 name turpitudes in.htm

What Varro Says of the Incredible Transformations of Men.
... Book XVIII. Chapter 17."What Varro Says of the Incredible Transformations
of Men. In support of this story, Varro relates others ...
/...// of god/chapter 17 what varro says of.htm

"But Lest this Should Perchance Seem Incredible to any One...
... "But lest this should perchance seem incredible to any one� "But lest this should
perchance seem incredible to any one, I shall mention still greater things. ...
/.../severus/life and writings of sulpitius severus /chapter xv but lest this.htm

"I Will Relate Two Wonderful Examples of Almost Incredible ...
... Dialogues of Sulpitius Severus. Chapter XVIII. "I will relate two wonderful
examples of almost incredible obedience� "I will relate ...
/.../severus/life and writings of sulpitius severus /chapter xviii i will relate.htm

Of the Resurrection of the Flesh, which Some Refuse to Believe ...
... But granting that this was once incredible, behold, now, the world has come to the
belief that the earthly body of Christ was received up into heaven. ...
/.../augustine/city of god/chapter 5 of the resurrection of.htm

Of the Incarnation of Our Lord Jesus Christ, which the Platonists ...
... For what is there incredible, especially to men like you, accustomed to speculation,
which might have predisposed you to believe in this,"what is there ...
/.../augustine/city of god/chapter 29 of the incarnation of.htm

On the Resurrection of the Dead
... and every one challenge and possess its own place, till at last the whole be perfectly
rebuilt; that this, I say, should be done, is so incredible a thing ...
/.../wesley/sermons on several occasions/sermon 137 on the resurrection.htm

How the Apostle's Preaching was Rejected by Jews and Gentiles ...
... is, a mere man? For who would think that His birth, passion, cross, and
death were incredible or a difficulty? Or what would there ...
/.../cassian/the seven books of john cassian /chapter ix how the apostles.htm

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(a.) Not credible; surpassing belief; too extraordinary and improbable to admit of belief; unlikely; marvelous; fabulous.
Incredible (2 Occurrences)
...Incredible (2 Occurrences). John 6:62 "Does this seem incredible to you? ... (WEY). Acts
26:8 Why is it judged incredible with you, if God does raise the dead? ...
/i/incredible.htm - 7k

Laodiceans (2 Occurrences)
... How could he tell that the Laodiceans would be willing to give away a copy of
it? The suppositions involved by this hypothesis are incredible. ...
/l/laodiceans.htm - 28k

Increasingly (2 Occurrences)

/i/increasingly.htm - 7k

Incumbent (1 Occurrence)

/i/incumbent.htm - 7k

Marvelous (30 Occurrences)
... 1. (n.) Exciting wonder or surprise; astonishing; wonderful. 2. (n.) Partaking of
the character of miracle, or supernatural power; incredible. Int. ...
/m/marvelous.htm - 18k

Considered (80 Occurrences)
... together praying. (KJV ASV WBS YLT). Acts 26:8 Why is it judged incredible
with you, if God does raise the dead? (See NAS). Romans ...
/c/considered.htm - 29k

Asahel (17 Occurrences)
... of a division of David's army," and regards the statement, "and Zebadiah his son
after him," as a note added to explain the otherwise incredible assertion of ...
/a/asahel.htm - 16k

Apollos (11 Occurrences)
... It is incredible that this epistle of Paul could have been prompted by any feelings
of jealousy or animosity on his part against Apollos. ...
/a/apollos.htm - 16k

Seem (115 Occurrences)
... (BBE). John 6:62 "Does this seem incredible to you? What then if you were to
see the Son of Man ascending again where He was before? (WEY). ...
/s/seem.htm - 38k

Quail (5 Occurrences)
... Taking into consideration the diminutive vessels of that age and the myriads of
birds, this does not appear incredible. Now compare these facts with the text. ...
/q/quail.htm - 13k

Bible Concordance
Incredible (2 Occurrences)

John 6:62 "Does this seem incredible to you? What then if you were to see the Son of Man ascending again where He was before?

Acts 26:8 Why is it judged incredible with you, if God does raise the dead?



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