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gan-sa, gan'-sa (anteipon, antilego, "to say or speak against"): Occurs as anteipon, "not. able to withstand or to gainsay" (Luke 21:15); as antilego, "a disobedient and gainsaying people" (Romans 10:21); APC 2Esdras 5:29, contradicebant; APC Judith 8:28, anthistemi; APC Judith 12:14, antero; Additions to Esther 9:13, antitasso; APC 1Macc 14:44, anteipon.

Gainsayer, antilego (Titus 1:9, "exhort and convince (the Revised Version (British and American) "convict") the gainsayers").

Gainsaying, antilogia (Jude 1:11, "the gain-saying of Korah"); antilogia is Septuagint for meribhah (Numbers 20:13); anantirrhetos, "without contradiction" (Acts 10:29, "without gainsaying").

The Revised Version (British and American) has "gainsaid" for "spoken against" (Acts 19:36); "not gainsaying" for "not answering again" (Titus 2:9); "gainsaying" for "contradiction" Hebrews 12:3).

W. L. Walker

471. anteipon -- to speak against
... 471 (from 473 , "opposite to, against" and 2036 , "say") -- properly, to gainsay
(speak what is opposite); to give an , reply that (rebuts). ...
// - 7k

483. antilego -- to speak against, hence to contradict, oppose
... contradict, deny, speak against. From anti and lego; to dispute, refuse -- answer
again, contradict, deny, gainsay(-er), speak against. see GREEK anti. ...
// - 8k


Then Manes, after Silence had Been Secured among All...
... Manes said: If you do not mean a second time merely to gainsay the positions
which are stated with all due correctness by me, I shall begin. ...
/.../47 then manes after silence.htm

Chapter xviii.
... however, seem to be one and the same: but there is this difference, that the meek
man, of whom we have spoken above, from piety does not gainsay the divine ...
/.../augustine/our lords sermon on the mount/chapter xviii.htm

Which are the Better, the Continent, or those who Delight in ...
... But lest in any wise I hinder you, if I gainsay your words, it is that I may the
better learn, and that no one hereafter may refute me. Gregorion. ...
/.../chapter iii which are the better.htm

Whether those who are Subject to Another's Power are Hindered from ...
... when a man who is under another's power vows that which is in that other's power,
except under the condition that he whose power it concerns does not gainsay it ...
/.../aquinas/summa theologica/whether those who are subject.htm

Whether Contention is a Mortal Sin?
... Reply to Objection 2: Those who preached Christ "out of contention," were to be
blamed, because, although they did not gainsay the truth of faith, but preached ...
/.../aquinas/summa theologica/whether contention is a mortal.htm

HymnConcerning Our Lord and John
... 14. "Thou fearest; therefore gainsay not"against My Will in ... 36. "It is very right
that thou shouldst baptize Me,"as I bid, and shouldst not gainsay."Lo! ...
/.../hymns and homilies of ephraim the syrian/hymn xiv hymn concerning our.htm

Matt. xxvi. 26-28.
... For since he neither submitted to Him nor the prophet (and yet for this intent He
brought in the prophet besides, that they may not gainsay), but nevertheless ...
/.../homilies on the gospel of saint matthew/homily lxxxii matt xxvi 26-28.htm

... Can you think that holy wisdom will gainsay it? Will zeal for God; will delight
in his service, or love to the souls of men, gainsay it. ...
// reformed pastor/dedication.htm

Inspiration and the Canon
... hearts not to meditate before what ye shall answer: for I will give you a mouth
and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist ...
/.../barrows/companion to the bible/chapter vii inspiration and the.htm

1 Cor. Iv. 17
... For although you may now gainsay for contradiction's sake, yet things which are
plainly allowed on all hands, however shameless, you will not be able to gainsay ...
/.../homilies on the epistles of paul to the corinthians/homily xiv 1 cor iv.htm

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(v. t.) To contradict; to deny; to controvert; to dispute; to forbid.
Gainsay (1 Occurrence)
...GAINSAY. gan-sa, gan'-sa (anteipon, antilego, "to say or speak against"): Occurs
as anteipon, "not. ... Multi-Version Concordance Gainsay (1 Occurrence). ...
/g/gainsay.htm - 8k

Contradict (3 Occurrences)
... 1. (vt) To assert the contrary of; to oppose in words; to take issue with; to gainsay;
to deny the truth of, as of a statement or a speaker; to impugn. ...
/c/contradict.htm - 7k

Gainsaid (1 Occurrence)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (imp. & pp) of Gainsay. Multi-Version Concordance
Gainsaid (1 Occurrence). Acts 19:36 Seeing then that ...
/g/gainsaid.htm - 6k

Gainsayers (1 Occurrence)

/g/gainsayers.htm - 6k

Resist (23 Occurrences)
... Luke 21:15 For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall
not be able to gainsay nor resist. (KJV DBY WBS YLT NAS NIV). ...
/r/resist.htm - 13k

Reclaim (1 Occurrence)
... of life; to reform. 7. (vt) To correct; to reform; -- said of things. 8.
(vt) To exclaim against; to gainsay. 9. (vi) To cry out ...
/r/reclaim.htm - 8k

Deny (48 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (vt) To declare not to be true; to gainsay;
to contradict; -- opposed to affirm, allow, or admit. 2 ...
/d/deny.htm - 23k

Gainsaying (6 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Gainsay. Multi-Version
Concordance Gainsaying (6 Occurrences). Acts 10:29 Therefore ...
/g/gainsaying.htm - 8k

Jude (4 Occurrences)
... Three words mark their course, rising into a climax, "way" "error" "gainsay." They
went in the way of Cain, ie in the way of self-will, of hate, and the spirit ...
/j/jude.htm - 40k

Bible Concordance
Gainsay (1 Occurrence)

Luke 21:15 For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.



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