Psalm 50
Coverdale Bible of 1535 Par ▾ 

The Mighty One Calls

1The LORDE euen the mightie God hath spoke, & called the worlde from the rysinge vp of the sonne vnto the goinge downe of the same.

2Out of Sion apeareth the glorious beutie of God.

3Oure God shal come, and not kepe sylence: there goeth before him a consumynge fyre, and a mightie tempest rounde aboute him.

4He shal call the heauens from aboue, and the earth, that he maye iudge his people.

5Gather my sayntes together vnto me, those yt set more by the couenaunt then by eny offeringe.

6And the heauens shal declare his rightuousnesse, for God is iudge himself.

7Sela. Heare, o my people: let me speake, let me testifie amonge you, o Israel: I am God, euen thy God.

8I reproue the not because of thy sacrifice, yi burntofferinges are allwaye before me.

9I wil take no bullockes out of thy house, ner gotes out of thy foldes.

10For all the beestes of the felde are myne, and thousandes of catell vpon the hilles.

11I knowe all the foules vpon the mountaynes, and the wilde beastes of the felde are in my sight.

12Yf I be hongrie, I wil not tell the: for ye whole worlde is myne, and all that therin is.

13Thynkest thou, that I wil eate the flesh of oxen, or drynke the bloude of goates?

14Offre vnto God prayse and thankesgeuynge, and paye thy vowes vnto the most hyest.

15And call vpo me in the tyme of trouble, so wil I heare the, that thou shalt thanke me.

16But vnto the vngodly sayeth God: Why doest thou preach my lawes, and takest my couenaunt in thy mouth?

17Where as thou hatest to be refourmed, and castest my wordes behynde the?

18Yf thou seist a thefe, thou runnest with him, and art partaker with the aduouterers.

19Thou lettest yi mouth speake wickednesse, & thy tonge paynteth disceate.

20Thou syttest and speakest agaynst thy brother, yee and slaundrest thine owne mothers sonne.

21This thou doest, whyle I holde my tonge: and thinkest me to be eue soch one as thy self: but I wil reproue the, & set my self agaynst the.

22O considre this, ye that forget God: lest I plucke you awaie, and there be none to delyuer you.

23Who so offreth me thakes and prayse, he honoureth me: & this is the waye, wherby I wil shewe him the sauynge health of God.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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