2 Chronicles 14
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Asa Reigns in Judah
(1 Kings 15:9–15)

1And Abia fell on slepe with his fathers, and they buryed him in ye cite of Dauid: and Asa his sonne was kynge in his steade. In his tyme was the londe in rest ten yeares.

2And Asa dyd that which was good & right in the sighte of the LORDE his God, 3and put awaye the straunge altares, and the hye places, and brake the pilers, and hewed downe the groues, 4and sayde vnto Iuda, that they shulde seke the LORDE God of their fathers, and to do after ye lawe and commaundementes. 5And the hye places and ymages put he awaye out of all the cities of Iuda: and the kyngdome had rest before him. 6And he builded stroge cities in Iuda, whyle the londe was in quietnes, & whyle there was no warre agaynst him in the same yeares: for ye LORDE gaue him rest. 7And he sayde vnto Iuda: Let vs buylde vp these cities, and fense them rounde aboute with walles and towres, with portes and barres, while the londe is yet with vs: for we haue soughte the LORDE oure God, and he hath geuen vs rest on euery syde. So they buylded, and it wente prosperously with the 8And Asa had an hoost of me which bare shildes & speares, out of Iuda thre C. thousande, and out of BenIamin two hudreth and foure score thousande, that bare shyldes & coulde shute wt bowes, and all these were mightie stronge men.

9But Serah the Moryan came out against the wt an hoost of a thousande times a thousande, and with thre hundreth charettes, and came vnto Maresa. 10And Asa wente forth agaynst him. And they prepared them selues to the battayll in the valley Zephata beside Maresa. 11And Asa called vpon ye LORDE his God and sayde: LORDE, it is no differece wt ye, to helpe by fewe or by many. Helpe vs O LORDE oure God: for oure trust is in the, & in thy name are we come forth against this multitude. LORDE oure God, let no man preuayle agaynst the. 12And the LORDE smote the Morias before Asa and before Iuda, so that they fled. 13And Asa with ye people that was by him, folowed vpon them vnto Gerar. And the Morias fell, so that none of them remained alyue, but were smytten before the LORDE and before his hoost. And they caried exceadinge moch spoyle from thence. 14And he smote all the cyties aboute Gerar, for a fearfulnesse of the LORDE came vpon them. And they spoyled all the cities, for there was moch spoyle in them. 15They smote the tentes of the catell also, and toke many shepe and Camels, and came agayne to Ierusalem.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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