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Accent (1 Occurrence)

Matthew 26:73 After a little while those who stood by came and said to Peter, "Surely you are also one of them, for your speech makes you known."

Accent (1 Occurrence)
... A mark or character used in writing, and serving to regulate the pronunciation;
esp.: (a) a mark to indicate the nature and place of the spoken accent; (b) a ...
/a/accent.htm - 8k

Proper (62 Occurrences)
... is treated as one word, whether on analysis it consists of a single word, a phrase,
or a sentence; and as such it is subject to the laws of accent and quantity ...
/p/proper.htm - 57k

Names (133 Occurrences)
... is treated as one word, whether on analysis it consists of a single word, a phrase,
or a sentence; and as such it is subject to the laws of accent and quantity ...
/n/names.htm - 101k

Virginity (12 Occurrences)
... the context can give it the force "virgin." This force, however, seems required
by the contrasts in Songs 6:8, but in 1:3 "virgin" throws the accent in the ...
/v/virginity.htm - 15k

Jot (1 Occurrence)
... Greek equivalent for the Hebrew yodh ("y"), the smallest letter of the Hebrew alphabet,
in New Testament times being little larger than an English accent ('). ...
/j/jot.htm - 8k

Gehenna (12 Occurrences)
... from Gehenna and varies. In the New Testament the correct form is Gee'nna
with the accent on the penult, not Ge'enna. There is no ...
/g/gehenna.htm - 15k

Galilean (5 Occurrences)
... Peter was detected by his Galilean accent (Matthew 26:69; Mark 14:70). This was
also one of the names of reproach given to the early Christians. ...
/g/galilean.htm - 9k

Galilee (73 Occurrences)
... Com.). The Galilean accent differed from that of Jerusalem in being broader
and more guttural (Mark 14:70). Galilee, Sea of. (Matthew ...
/g/galilee.htm - 67k

Foot (193 Occurrences)
... syllables consisting a metrical element of a verse, the syllables being formerly
distinguished by their quantity or length, but in modern poetry by the accent. ...
/f/foot.htm - 48k

Tittle (2 Occurrences)
... or mark, specif. on a letter to denote accent, or as a diacritical mark;
used only in Matthew 5:18 and Luke 16:17. In the first ...
/t/tittle.htm - 8k

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) A superior force of voice or of articulative effort upon some particular syllable of a word or a phrase, distinguishing it from the others.

2. (n.) A mark or character used in writing, and serving to regulate the pronunciation; esp.: (a) a mark to indicate the nature and place of the spoken accent; (b) a mark to indicate the quality of sound of the vowel marked; as, the French accents.

3. (n.) Modulation of the voice in speaking; manner of speaking or pronouncing; peculiar or characteristic modification of the voice; tone; as, a foreign accent; a French or a German accent.

4. (n.) A word; a significant tone

5. (n.) expressions in general; speech.

6. (n.) Stress laid on certain syllables of a verse.

7. (n.) A regularly recurring stress upon the tone to mark the beginning, and, more feebly, the third part of the measure.

8. (n.) A special emphasis of a tone, even in the weaker part of the measure.

9. (n.) The rhythmical accent, which marks phrases and sections of a period.

10. (n.) The expressive emphasis and shading of a passage.

11. (n.) A mark placed at the right hand of a letter, and a little above it, to distinguish magnitudes of a similar kind expressed by the same letter, but differing in value, as y', y''.

12. (n.) A mark at the right hand of a number, indicating minutes of a degree, seconds, etc.; as, 12'27'', i. e., twelve minutes twenty seven seconds.

13. (n.) A mark used to denote feet and inches; as, 6' 10'' is six feet ten inches.

14. (v. t.) To express the accent of (either by the voice or by a mark); to utter or to mark with accent.

15. (v. t.) To mark emphatically; to emphasize.

1189. deomai -- to want, entreat
... LS and Thayer find expresses distinct meanings in antiquity, perhaps indicating
a distinction in accent (like with the English terms, pro'duce and prod ce).]. ...
// - 7k

4458. pos -- at all
... See also 1513 () and 3381 (). [4458 () is an enclitic, and therefore distinguished
from the 4459 ("how") that uses a circumflex accent.]. ...
// - 7k


... Accent, in the decline of the language, was trampling down quantity. Now
accent is not favourable to such rhymes, though many poems ...
// of the eastern church/introduction.htm

... blind, the lame, the halt, the paralyzed and the leper-derelicts of humanity"borne
thither on a surging tide of life in which every wave is an accent of pain ...
// christianity and the bible/christ.htm

Peter's Denial and Repentance.
... voice, but in his own outspoken way, the most talkative of them all, until suddenly
one whose ear was finer than the rest detected the Galilean accent, and says ...
/.../xviii peters denial and repentance.htm

The Note of Pity.
... Lacking the accent of pity, the accusations of the preacher will degenerate into
scolding, and of all scolds the pulpit scold is the most objectionable. ...
/.../jackson/the message and the man/chapter ii the note of.htm

A Memorial Sketch by John Watson (Ian Maclaren)
... hit ought to have been a four; I messed the running." It was good form, of course,
and what any decent lad would want to say, but there was an accent of gaiety ...
// ideal life/a memorial sketch by john.htm

Chapter xxix
... some distance. Ba'ah, with the accent on the last syllable, is the feminine
form of the durative participle""is coming.". Though ...
/...// of genesis volume 1/chapter xxix.htm

Voyage to India.
... built young man, with a most intelligent face, dressed in the flowing white robe
of his people, who had spoken with what struck me as the accent of conviction ...
/.../life and work in benares and kumaon 1839-1877/chapter i voyage to india.htm

Letter iii. (AD 387. )
... sapitum." As to these three words, moreover, I am likewise ignorant whether the
penultimate is to be pronounced long and with circumflex accent, or without ...
/.../augustine/the confessions and letters of st/letter iii a d 387.htm

The Recall to Religion in the Hymns of Charles Wesley
... which excludes the grosser faults: Bishop Walsham How and Bishop Wordsworth at least
knew that of is not a very good word on which to allow an accent to fall. ...
/.../manning/the hymns of wesley and watts five papers/the recall to religion in.htm

Blessed are they that Mourn
... A true mourner labours to draw out sin in its bloody colours, and accent it with
all its killing aggravations, that he may be deeply humbled before the Lord. ...
/.../the beatitudes an exposition of matthew 51-12/6 blessed are they that.htm



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