Luke 6:18
And they that were vexed with unclean spirits: and they were healed.
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6:12-19 We often think one half hour a great deal to spend in meditation and secret prayer, but Christ was whole nights engaged in these duties. In serving God, our great care should be not to lose time, but to make the end of one good duty the beginning of another. The twelve apostles are here named; never were men so privileged, yet one of them had a devil, and proved a traitor. Those who have not faithful preaching near them, had better travel far than be without it. It is indeed worth while to go a great way to hear the word of Christ, and to go out of the way of other business for it. They came to be cured by him, and he healed them. There is a fulness of grace in Christ, and healing virtue in him, ready to go out from him, that is enough for all, enough for each. Men regard the diseases of the body as greater evils than those of their souls; but the Scripture teaches us differently.Vexed - The word "vex" with us means to provoke, or irritate by petty provocations. Here it means, however, to "afflict," to "torment" - denoting deep and heavy trials.

Unclean spirits - Demons that were impure and unholy, having a delight in tormenting, and in inflicting painful and loathsome diseases.

17. in the plain—by some rendered "on a level place," that is, a piece of high tableland, by which they understand the same thing, as "on the mountain," where our Lord delivered the sermon recorded by Matthew (Mt 5:1), of which they take this following discourse of Luke to be but an abridged form. But as the sense given in our version is the more accurate, so there are weighty reasons for considering the discourses different. This one contains little more than a fourth of the other; it has woes of its own, as well as the beatitudes common to both; but above all, that of Matthew was plainly delivered a good while before, while this was spoken after the choice of the twelve; and as we know that our Lord delivered some of His weightiest sayings more than once, there is no difficulty in supposing this to be one of His more extended repetitions; nor could anything be more worthy of it. See Poole on "Luke 6:17"

And they that were vexed with unclean spirits,.... Were possessed with devils, and sadly tormented and afflicted by them:

and they were healed: both such that had bodily diseases, and were under diabolical possessions.

And they that were vexed with unclean spirits: and they were healed.
Luke 6:18-19. Ἀπὸ πνευμ. ἀκαθ.] belongs to ἐθεραπ. Comp. Luke 6:17, ἰαθῆναι ἀπό. The καί before ἐθεραπ. is not genuine. See the critical remarks. After ἐθεραπ. only a colon is to be placed; the description of the healings is continued.

καὶ ἰᾶτο πάντ.] not to be separated from what precedes by a comma, but δύναμις is the subject. See Luke 5:17.

ἐξήρχ.] Comp. Luke 8:46 : “Significatur non adventitia fuisse efficacia, sed Christo intrinseca ἐκ τῆς θείας φύσεως,” Grotius.

Luke 6:18. Καὶ οἱ) and they that were, etc. This is a species: the words πλῆθος πολύ, a great multitude, is the genus.

Luke 6:18Vexed (ὀχλούμενοι)

The best texts read ἐνοχλούμενοι, occurring only here and Hebrews 12:15. From ὄχλος, a crowd or mob, with the idea of want of arrangement and discipline, and therefore of confusion and tumult. Hence it is applied to the noise and tumult of a crowd, and so passes into the sense of the trouble and annoyance caused by these, and of trouble generally, like the Latin turbae. Thus Herodotus says of Croesus, when on the funeral-pile he uttered the name of Solon, and the interpreters begged him to explain what he meant, "and as they pressed for an answer and grew troublesome (καὶ ὄχλον παρεχόντων)" - I., 86. Frequent in medical language. Thus Hippocrates, "troubled (ἐνοχλουμένῳ) with a spasm or tetanus."

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