Acts 22:8
And I answered, Who art thou, Lord? And he said unto me, I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom thou persecutest.
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22:1-11 The apostle addressed the enraged multitude, in the customary style of respect and good-will. Paul relates the history of his early life very particularly; he notices that his conversion was wholly the act of God. Condemned sinners are struck blind by the power of darkness, and it is a lasting blindness, like that of the unbelieving Jews. Convinced sinners are struck blind as Paul was, not by darkness, but by light. They are for a time brought to be at a loss within themselves, but it is in order to their being enlightened. A simple relation of the Lord's dealings with us, in bringing us, from opposing, to profess and promote his gospel, when delivered in a right spirit and manner, will sometimes make more impression that laboured speeches, even though it amounts not to the full proof of the truth, such as was shown in the change wrought in the apostle.See the notes on Acts 9:3-7.

Acts 22:6

As I made my journey - As I was on my journey.

About noon - Acts 26:13, "at mid-day." This circumstance is omitted by Luke in his account in Acts 9:Paul mentions it as being the more remarkable since it occurred at mid-day, to show that he was not deluded by any meteoric or natural appearances, which usually occur at night.

Acts 22:11

The glory of that light - The splendor, the intense brilliancy of the light. See this and its effects explained in the notes on Acts 9:8.

8. Jesus of Nazareth—the Nazarene. See on [2095]Ac 9:5. I am Jesus of Nazareth; that contemned (though not contemptible) name is owned by Christ from heaven, that they might not be ashamed when they were reproached by it on earth. Of the rest, See Poole on "Acts 9:5".

And I answered, who art thou, Lord?.... See Gill on Acts 9:5. And I answered, Who art thou, Lord? And he said unto me, I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom thou persecutest.
Acts 22:8-9. See on Acts 9:5 and Acts 9:4; Acts 9:7; Acts 9:9.—ἔμφ. ἐγέν., see critical note.

8. of Nazareth] This is found only here in chap, 22, the other two accounts omitting the words, though in some MSS., to make one story exactly like the other, they are inserted in Acts 9:5. Such assimilation of verses to each other is not uncommon in the Acts.

Acts 22:8Of Nazareth (ὁ Ναζωραῖος)

Lit., the Nazarene. Not mentioned in ch. 9.

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