Song of Solomon 2
Bishops' Bible of 1568 Par ▾ 

The Bride’s Admiration

1I am the rose of the fielde, and lillie of the valleys,

2As the lillie among the thornes: so is my loue among the daughters.

3Like as the apple tree among the trees of the wood: so is my beloued among the sonnes.

4My delight is to sit vnder his shadowe, for his fruite is sweete vnto my throte.

5He bringeth me into his wine seller, his banner spread ouer me, whiche is his loue.

6Set about me cuppes of wine, comfort me with apples, for I am sicke of loue.

7His left hande lyeth vnder my head, and his right hande shall imbrace me.

8I charge you (O ye daughters of Hierusalem) by the roes and hindes of the fiede, that ye wake not vp my loue, nor touche her, tyll she be content her selfe.

9Me thinke I heare the voyce of my beloued: lo, there commeth he hopping vpon the mountaines, and leaping ouer the litle hilles.

10My beloued is lyke a roe or a young hart: beholde he standeth behinde our wall, he looketh in at the windowe, and peepeth thorowe the grace.

11My beloued aunswered and sayd vnto me: O stande vp my loue, my beautifull, and go to thyne owne: for lo the winter is nowe past, the rayne is away and gone.

12The flowres are come vp in the field, the tyme of the byrdes singing is come, and the voyce of the turtle doue is hearde in our lande.

13The figge tree bryngeth foorth her figges, and the vines beare blossomes and haue a good smell.

14O stande vp then and come my loue my beautifull, and come I say O my doue, out of the caues of the rockes, out of the holes of the wall, O let me see thy countenaunce and heare thy voyce: for sweete is thy voyce, and fayre is thy face.

15Get vs the foxes, yea the litle foxes that hurt the vines: for our vines beare blossomes.

16My loue is mine, & I am his, whiche feedeth among the lillies vntill the day breake, and till the shadowes be gone:

17Come agayne O my beloued, and be lyke as a roe or a young hart vpon the wyde mountaines.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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