Psalm 50
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The Mighty One Calls

1A psalme of Asaph. The most mightie Lorde God hath spoken: and called the earth from the rysyng vp of the sunne, vnto the goyng downe therof.

2Out of Sion: hath the Lorde appeared in perfect beautie.

3Our Lorde commeth, and he wyll not kepe scilence: there goeth before hym a consumyng fire, and a mightie tempest is sturred rounde about hym.

4He calleth from aboue the heauen and the earth: that he may iudge his people.

5Gather my saintes together vnto me: those that haue made a couenaunt with me with sacrifice.

6And the heauens shall declare his ryghteousnesse: for God is iudge hym selfe. Selah.

7Heare O my people, and I wil speake: I my selfe wyll testifie vnto thee O Israel, I am the Lorde, euen thy Lorde.

8I wyll not reproue thee because of thy sacrifices, or for thy burnt offerynges: for that they be not alway before me.

9I wyll take no bullocke out of thy house: nor goates out of thy foldes.

10For all the beastes of the forest are myne: and so are the cattel vpon a thousande hylles.

11I knowe all the foules vpon the mountaynes: and the wylde beastes of the fielde are at my commaundement.

12If I be hungry, I wyll not tell thee: for the whole worlde is myne, and all that is therin.

13Thinkest thou that I will eate bulles fleshe: and drynke the blood of goates?

14Offer vnto God prayse: and pay thy vowes vnto the most hyghest.

15And call vpon me in the tyme of trouble: I wyll heare thee, and thou shalt glorifie me.

16But the Lorde sayd vnto the vngodly: why doest thou preache my lawes, and takest my couenaunt in thy mouth?

17Seyng that thou hatest discipline: and hast cast my wordes behynde thee.

18When thou sawest a thiefe, thou dydst consent vnto hym: and thou hast ben partaker with the adulterers.

19Thou hast let thy mouth speake wickednesse: and with thy tongue thou hast set foorth deceipt.

20Thou sattest and spakedst agaynst thy brother: yea and hast slaundered thine owne mothers sonne.

21These thynges hast thou done and I helde my tongue, thou thoughtest that I am euen such a one as thou thy selfe art: but I wyll reproue thee, and I wyll set foorth in order before thine eyes all that thou hast done.

22Consider this I pray you, ye that forget the Lorde: lest I plucke you away, and there be none to delyuer you.

23Who so offereth vnto me thankes and prayse, he honoureth me: and to hym that ordereth his conuersation ryght, I wyll shewe the saluation of God.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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