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4273. prodotes -- a betrayer
... betrayer, traitor. From prodidomi (in the sense of giving forward into another's
(the enemy's) hands); a surrender -- betrayer, traitor. see GREEK prodidomi. ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/4273.htm - 6k
Strong's Hebrew
340. ayab -- to be hostile to
... root Definition to be hostile to NASB Word Usage enemies (196), enemies' (2), enemy
(79), enemy to your enemies (1), enemy's (1), foes (2). be an enemy. ...
/hebrew/340.htm - 6k

November the Eleventh Foiling the Enemy's Plots
... NOVEMBER The Eleventh FOILING THE ENEMY'S PLOTS. LUKE xxii.24-34. I do not meet
my tempter alone. The engagement has been foreseen by my Lord. ...
/.../my daily meditation for the circling year/november the eleventh foiling the.htm

Spies in the Enemy's Camp.
... Homily II. Chapter XXXVII."Spies in the Enemy's Camp. "Some [945] of
our people attend feignedly upon Simon as companions, as ...
/.../unknown/the clementine homilies/chapter xxxvii spies in the enemys.htm

Giving God a Fresh Footing.
... Had we eyes to see spirit beings and spirit conflicts we would constantly see the
enemy's defeat in numberless instances through the persistent praying of some ...
/.../gordon/quiet talks on prayer/giving god a fresh footing.htm

How the Philistines Made Another Expedition against the Hebrews ...
... in offering his sacrifices, upon account of the necessity he was in, and because
his soldiers were departing from him, out of their fear of the enemy's camp at ...
/.../josephus/the antiquities of the jews/chapter 6 how the philistines.htm

How the Hebrews were Delivered from a Famine when the Gibeonites ...
... with them, and put them to flight, he was left alone, as he was in pursuit of them;
and when he was quite tired down, he was seen by one of the enemy, his name ...
/.../josephus/the antiquities of the jews/chapter 12 how the hebrews.htm

How the Amalekites and the Neighbouring Nations, Made War with the ...
... They are also to suppose the enemy's army to be small, unarmed, weak, and such as
want those conveniences which they know must be wanted, when it is God's will ...
/.../josephus/the antiquities of the jews/chapter 2 how the amalekites.htm

How David Fell in Love with Bathsheba, and Slew Her Husband Uriah ...
... He replied, that it was not right, while his fellow soldiers, and the general of
the army, slept upon the ground, in the camp, and in an enemy's country, that ...
/.../josephus/the antiquities of the jews/chapter 7 how david fell.htm

The Defeat of the Midianites.
... reduced till only three hundred men remained, and the wonderful dream he heard related,
when he and his servant went down as spies into the enemy's camp, are ...
/.../mother stories from the old testament/the defeat of the midianites.htm

Third Tractate. On Providence (2).
... The entire scheme emerges from the general's mind with a certain plausible promise,
though it cannot cover the enemy's operations, and there is no power over ...
/.../plotinus/the six enneads/third tractate on providence 2.htm

Love in the Old Covenant.
... They sang imprecatory psalms. And to crown all, they indulged the bloodthirsty
desire of dashing the enemy's innocent babes against the stones. ...
/.../kuyper/the work of the holy spirit/xxix love in the old.htm

Enemy's (8 Occurrences)
...Enemy's (8 Occurrences). Exodus 23:4 "If you meet your enemy's ox or his donkey
going astray, you shall surely bring it back to him again. ...
/e/enemy's.htm - 8k

Siege (63 Occurrences)
... the surrounding or investing of a place by an army, and approaching it by passages
and advanced works, which cover the besiegers from the enemy's fire. ...
/s/siege.htm - 51k

Ram (96 Occurrences)
... 6. (n.) A heavy steel or iron beak attached to the prow of a steam war vessel for
piercing or cutting down the vessel of an enemy; also, a vessel carrying such ...
/r/ram.htm - 41k


/e/eneneus.htm - 6k

... See Coryphaenoid. 3. (n.) A mass of iron or lead hung from the yardarm, in
readiness to be dropped on the deck of an enemy's vessel. ...
/d/dolphin.htm - 7k

Misjudge (1 Occurrence)
... Deuteronomy 32:27 Were it not that I dreaded the enemy's provocation, lest their
adversaries should misdeem, lest they should say: Our hand is exalted, and not ...
/m/misjudge.htm - 6k

Meetest (4 Occurrences)
... Meetest (4 Occurrences). Exodus 23:4 When thou meetest thine enemy's ox or his ass
going astray, thou dost certainly turn it back to him; (YLT). ...
/m/meetest.htm - 7k

Patrol (2 Occurrences)
... 4. (n.) A movement, by a small body of troops beyond the line of outposts, to explore
the country and gain intelligence of the enemy's whereabouts. ...
/p/patrol.htm - 7k

Parapet (3 Occurrences)
... 2. (n.) A wall, rampart, or elevation of earth, for covering soldiers from an enemy's
fire; a breastwork. Multi-Version Concordance Parapet (3 Occurrences). ...
/p/parapet.htm - 7k

Pierce (30 Occurrences)
... 2. (vt) To penetrate; to enter; to force a way into or through; to pass into or
through; as, to pierce the enemy's line; a shot pierced the ship. ...
/p/pierce.htm - 15k

Bible Concordance
Enemy's (8 Occurrences)

Exodus 23:4 "If you meet your enemy's ox or his donkey going astray, you shall surely bring it back to him again.

Deuteronomy 32:27 Were it not that I feared the provocation of the enemy, Lest their adversaries should judge amiss, Lest they should say, Our hand is exalted, And Jehovah hath not done all this.
(See JPS)

1 Kings 8:46 If they have sinned against thee, (for there is no man that sinneth not,) and thou be angry with them, and give them up to the enemy, and they have carried them away captives unto the enemy's land, far or near;

2 Chronicles 25:20 But Amaziah would not hear; for it was of God, that he might deliver them into the enemy's hand, because they had sought after the gods of Edom.

Job 6:23 Or, Deliver me from the enemy's hand? or, Redeem me from the hand of the mighty?

Job 31:29 "If I have rejoiced at the destruction of him who hated me, or lifted up myself when evil found him;
(See NIV)

Psalms 78:61 And delivered his strength into captivity, and his glory into the enemy's hand.

Jeremiah 8:16 The loud breathing of the horses comes to our ears from Dan: at the sound of the outcry of his war-horses, all the land is shaking with fear; for they have come, and have made a meal of the land and everything in it; the town and the people living in it.
(See NIV)



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