2 Corinthians 7
Wycliffe's Bible
1Therefore, most dearworthy brethren, we that have these promises, cleanse we us from all (the) filth of the flesh and of the spirit, doing holiness in the dread of God (being holy in the fear of God, or with reverence for God).

2Take ye us; we have hurt no man, we have impaired no man [we have corrupted no man], we have beguiled no man. 3I say not to your condemning; for I said before, that ye be in our hearts, to die together and to live together. 4Much trust is to me with you, much glorying is to me for you. I am [full-]filled with comfort, I am plenteous in joy, (or I abound in joy), in all our tribulation.

5For when we were come to Macedonia, our flesh had no rest, but we suffered all tribulation; withoutforth fightings, and dreads within (and fears within). 6But God that comforteth meek men, comforted us in the coming of Titus. 7And not only in the coming of him, but also in the comfort by which he was comforted in you, telling to us your desire, your weeping, your love for me, so that I joyed (all the) more. 8For though I made you sorry, in an epistle, it rueth me not; though it rued, [I] seeing that though that epistle made you sorry at an hour, (For though I made you sorrowful, by my letter, I do not regret it now; and though I did regret it, I seeing that though that letter made you sorrowful for a time,) 9now I have joy; not for ye were made sorrowful, but for ye were made sorrowful to penance. For why ye be made sorry after God, that in nothing ye suffer impairment of us. (now I have joy; not for ye were made sorrowful, but for ye were made sorrowful unto repentance. For ye were made sorrowful by God, and ye did not suffer any impairment, or any harm, from us.) 10For the sorrow that is after God, worketh penance into steadfast health; but sorrow of the world worketh death. (For the sorrow that is from God, worketh repentance unto certain salvation; but the sorrow of the world worketh death.) 11For lo! this same thing, that ye be sorrowful after God, how much busyness it worketh in you; but defending, but indignation, but dread (but fear), but desire, but love, but vengeance. In all things ye have given yourselves to be undefouled in the cause. 12Therefore though I wrote to you, I wrote not for him that did the injury, neither for him that suffered, but to show our busyness, (or our zeal), which we have for you before God. 13Therefore we be comforted, but in your comfort more plenteously we joyed more on the joy of Titus, for his spirit is fulfilled of all you. (And so we were encouraged by your encouragement, but we rejoiced even more abundantly over Titus’ joy, for his spirit was filled full by all of you.) 14And if I gloried anything with him of you, I am not confounded, (or shamed); but as we have spoken to you all things [in truth], so also our glory that was at Titus, is made truth. (And if I have boasted of anything about you to him, I am not ashamed; for as we have spoken to you everything in truth, so also our boasting about you to Titus, is shown to be true.) 15And the inwardness of him be more plenteously in you, which hath in mind the obedience of you all, how with dread and trembling ye received him. (And his inward affection for you hath grown more plentiful, when he hath remembered all of your obedience, and how with fear and trembling ye received him.) 16I have joy, that in all things I trust in you.


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