Psalms 6
Hebrew OT: WLC Transliterated

1lam·na·tze·ach bin·gi·no·vt al-ha·she·mi·nit miz·mo·vr le·da·vid. ha·shem al-be·'ap·pe·cha to·v·chi·che·ni; ve·'al-ba·cha·ma·te·cha te·yas·se·re·ni.

2chan·ne·ni ha·shem ki um·lal a·ni re·fa·'e·ni ha·shem; ki niv·ha·lu a·tza·mai.

3ve·naf·shi niv·ha·lah me·'od; ve·'at·te ch ve·'at·tah k ha·shem ad-ma·tai.

4shu·vah ha·shem chal·le·tzah naf·shi; ho·v·shi·'e·ni le·ma·'an chas·de·cha.

5ki ein bam·ma·vet zich·re·cha; bish·'o·vl mi yo·v·deh-lach.

6ya·ga'·ti be·'an·cha·ti as·cheh ve·chol-lay·lah mit·ta·ti; be·dim·'a·ti ar·si am·seh.

7a·she·shah mik·ka·'as ei·ni; a·te·kah be·chol-tzo·vr·rai.

8su·ru mim·men·ni kol-po·'a·lei a·ven; ki-sha·ma ha·shem ko·vl bich·yi.

9sha·ma ha·shem te·chin·na·ti; ha·shem te·fil·la·ti yik·kach.

10ye·vo·shu ve·yib·ba·ha·lu me·'od kol-o·ye·vai; ya·shu·vu ye·vo·shu ra·ga.

Hebrew OT: WLC Transliterated

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