Ministers: Authority of, is for Edification
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2 Corinthians 10:8
For though I should boast somewhat more of our authority, which the Lord has given us for edification, and not for your destruction, I should not be ashamed:
Torrey's Topical Textbook

2 Corinthians 13:10
Therefore I write these things being absent, lest being present I should use sharpness, according to the power which the Lord has given me to edification, and not to destruction.
Torrey's Topical Textbook


Of the Teachers and Ministers of the Church. Their Election and ...
... their own convenience than for the edification of the ... in common with all the pious
ministers of the ... who, seeking to disparage his authority, represented him as ...
/.../calvin/the institutes of the christian religion/chapter 3 of the teachers.htm

Of the Subject to whom the Key of Authority is Committed.
... also baptize: and so this act of Authority is not ... be carried along with most expedition
and best edification. ... Both these acts of power in the Ministers pf the ...
/.../the keyes of the kingdom of heaven and power thereof/chap v of the subject.htm

The Extraordinary Teachers of the Apostolic Church; and Its ...
... preaching is the grand ordinance of God, as well for the edification of saints as ...
Apollos, [240:3] and probably other ministers equal in authority to the ...
/.../killen/the ancient church/chapter ii the extraordinary teachers.htm

The Saybrook Platform
... for common Edification that church members should live near ... is possessed of
substantially the same authority as a Presbytery." The fifteen ministers at this ...
/.../chapter vi the saybrook platform.htm

Moravians, or United Brethren.
... a prominent feature of their means of edification, music in general ... and who alone
are authorized to ordain ministers, but possess no authority in the ...
/.../hayward/the book of religions/moravians or united brethren.htm

Methodist Articles of Religion. AD 1784.
... The ministers of Christ are not commanded by God's law ... are ordained and approved
by common authority, ought to ... so that all things may be done to edification. ...
/.../methodist articles of religion a d.htm

Entering the Gospel Field
... The pulpit was filled with ministers, and workers ... woman to teach or to usurp authority,"
etc ... that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, exhortation and ...
/.../cole/trials and triumphs of faith/chapter x entering the gospel.htm

The Westminster Standards in America.
... may not compel any under his civil authority to worship God ... peculiar to herself for
her own edification; so it belongs exclusively to the ministers of Christ ...
/.../ 98 the westminster standards.htm

Appendix iii in the Hampton Court Conference.
... Churchings and music moderated to better edification: that the ... more taught or defended:
no ministers charged to ... Andrewes, who appealed to the authority of the ...
/.../luckock/studies in the book of common prayer/appendix iii in the hampton.htm

... be appointed, and the manner in which ministers are invested ... therefore, by common
consent and authority, may be ... seem most convenient for the edification of the ...
// book of religions/episcopalians.htm



Ministers are Bound to Build up the Church

Ministers are Bound to Comfort

Ministers are Bound to Convince Gainsayers

Ministers are Bound to Endure Hardness

Ministers are Bound to Exhort

Ministers are Bound to Feed the Church

Ministers are Bound to Pray for Their People

Ministers are Bound to Preach the Gospel to All

Ministers are Bound to Rebuke

Ministers are Bound to Strengthen the Faith of Their People

Ministers are Bound to Teach

Ministers are Bound to War a Good Warfare

Ministers are Bound to Warn Affectionately

Ministers are Bound to Watch for Souls

Ministers: Ambassadors for Christ

Ministers: Authority of, is for Edification

Ministers: Called by God

Ministers: Commissioned by Christ

Ministers: Compared to Earthen Vessels

Ministers: Defenders of the Faith

Ministers: Entrusted With the Gospel

Ministers: Excellency of

Ministers: Faithful: Archippus

Ministers: Faithful: Barnabas

Ministers: Faithful: Epaphroditus

Ministers: Faithful: Matthias

Ministers: Faithful: Paul

Ministers: Faithful: Philip

Ministers: Faithful: Simeon

Ministers: Faithful: The Eleven Apostles

Ministers: Faithful: The Seventy

Ministers: Faithful: Timothy

Ministers: Faithful: Titus

Ministers: Faithful: Tychicus

Ministers: Have Authority from God

Ministers: Labours of, Vain, Without God's Blessing

Ministers: Ministers of Christ

Ministers: Necessity For

Ministers: Pray for the Increase of

Ministers: Qualified by God

Ministers: Sent by the Holy Spirit

Ministers: Separated to the Gospel

Ministers: should Avoid Giving Unnecessary Offense

Ministers: should be Affectionate to Their People

Ministers: should be Apt to Teach

Ministers: should be Blameless

Ministers: should be Devoted

Ministers: should be Disinterested

Ministers: should be Ensample to the Flock

Ministers: should be Gentle

Ministers: should be Holy

Ministers: should be Hospitable

Ministers: should be Humble

Ministers: should be Impartial

Ministers: should be Patient

Ministers: should be Prayerful

Ministers: should be Pure

Ministers: should be Self-Denying

Ministers: should be Sober, Just, and Temperate

Ministers: should be Strict in Ruling Their own Families

Ministers: should be Strong in Grace

Ministers: should be Studious and Meditative

Ministers: should be Watchful

Ministers: should be Willing

Ministers: should Make Full Proof of Their Ministry

Ministers: should not Be: Contentious

Ministers: should not Be: Crafty

Ministers: should not Be: Easily Dispirited

Ministers: should not Be: Entangled by Cares

Ministers: should not Be: Given to Wine

Ministers: should not Be: Greedy of Filthy Lucre

Ministers: should not Be: Lords Over God's Heritage

Ministers: should not Be: Men-Pleasers

Ministers: should Preach with Boldness

Ministers: should Preach with Consistency

Ministers: should Preach with Constancy

Ministers: should Preach with Faithfulness

Ministers: should Preach with Good Will and Love

Ministers: should Preach with Heedfulness

Ministers: should Preach with Plainness of Speech

Ministers: should Preach with Zeal

Ministers: should Preach without Charge, If Possible

Ministers: should Preach without Deceitfulness

Ministers: should Preach: According to the Oracles of God

Ministers: should Preach: Christ Crucified

Ministers: should Preach: Everywhere

Ministers: should Preach: Fully, and Without Reserve

Ministers: should Preach: Not Setting Forth Themselves

Ministers: should Preach: Not With Enticing Words of Man's Wisdom

Ministers: should Preach: Repentance and Faith

Ministers: should Seek the Salvation of Their Flock

Ministers: Specially Protected by God

Ministers: Stewards of the Mysteries of God

Ministers: The Servants of Christ's People

Ministers: Their People are Bound, to Attend to Their Instructions

Ministers: Their People are Bound, to Follow Their Holy Example

Ministers: Their People are Bound, to Give Them Joy

Ministers: Their People are Bound, to Help Them

Ministers: Their People are Bound, to Hold Them in Reputation

Ministers: Their People are Bound, to Imitate Their Faith

Ministers: Their People are Bound, to Love Them

Ministers: Their People are Bound, to not to Despise Them

Ministers: Their People are Bound, to Obey Them

Ministers: Their People are Bound, to Pray for Them

Ministers: Their People are Bound, to Regard Them As God's Messengers

Ministers: Their People are Bound, to Support Them

Ministers: when Faithful are Rewarded

Ministers: when Faithful: Approve Themselves As the Ministers of God

Ministers: when Faithful: Commend Themselves to the Consciences of Men

Ministers: when Faithful: Glory in Their People

Ministers: when Faithful: Rejoice in the Faith and Holiness of Their People

Ministers: when Faithful: Thank God for his Gifts to Their People

Ministers: when Unfaithful: Deal Treacherously With Their People

Ministers: when Unfaithful: Delude Men

Ministers: when Unfaithful: Described

Ministers: when Unfaithful: Seek Gain

Ministers: when Unfaithful: Shall be Punished

Ministers: Woe to Those Who do not Preach the Gospel

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