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Psalm 68:13
Though you have lien among the pots, yet shall you be as the wings of a dove covered with silver, and her feathers with yellow gold.
Torrey's Topical Textbook

5555. chrusolithos -- a chrysolite (a yellow gem)
... chrysolite. From chrusos and lithos; gold-stone, ie A yellow gem ("chrysolite")
-- chrysolite. see GREEK chrusos. see GREEK lithos. ...
// - 6k

5474. chalkolibanon -- chalcolibanus (fine copper, bronze or brass ...
... a yellow color Definition: orichalcum, a fine metal, or frankincense of a yellow
color ... or brilliancy); burnished copper, an alloy of copper (or gold) and silver ...
// - 6k

Strong's Hebrew
2091. zahab -- gold
... From an unused root meaning to shimmer; gold, figuratively, something gold-colored
(ie Yellow), as oil, a clear sky -- gold(-en), fair weather. 2090, 2091. ...
/hebrew/2091.htm - 6k

I Will Take one Case that Will Serve Both as Symbol and Example...
... But to look at these seas of yellow is to be like a man who should swallow ... longer
than a single sapphire, and the fires of judgment only a pigmy patch of gold. ...
/.../chesterton/whats wrong with the world/chapter 35 i will take.htm

The Mildness of the Yellow Press
... Our yellow journalists invent quite as unscrupulously as this; their moral condition
is, as ... a sentence which should be written in letters of gold and adamant ...
// the mildness of the.htm

Those Days it was Near Twelve O'Clock by the Great Dial of History ...
... marble and green with gardens, and traced and spotted and flecked with gold; its
thoroughfares were bright with color"white, purple, yellow, scarlet"like a ...
// 2 those days it.htm

Against Embellishing the Body.
... of the temple, I mean the head-dress, the dye, the clothes, the gold, the paint ... The
woman who dyes her hair yellow, Menander the comic poet expels from the house ...
/.../clement/the instructor paedagogus/chapter ii against embellishing the body.htm

Jesus' Law for the Use of Money.
... Exchange your gold into lives. That is the sort of coin current in the homeland.
This yellow stuff we call riches they use for paving stones up in the homeland ...
/...// talks on service/jesus law for the use.htm

The Exodus
... glorious verse""Though ye have lien among the pots, yet shall ye be as the wings
of a dove covered with silver, and her feathers with yellow gold." We must ...
/...// sermons volume 2 1856/the exodus.htm

The Child Samuel.
... hid the sacred place known as the Holy of Holies, where the gold-winged cherubs ... the
broad hem with flowers and bells, and fruit of red and yellow and brown. ...
/.../anonymous/children of the old testament/the child samuel.htm

The Loved Ones Chastened
... there are some that are too sordid to love flesh and blood; they love dirt, mere
dirty earth, yellow gold. It is that on which they set their hearts. ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 3 1857/the loved ones chastened.htm

A Little Jewish Maid.
... such delightful streams, that the Arabs, coming on their camels from the yellow
sands of ... his chiefs, with his royal spear in his hand, a band of gold round his ...
/.../anonymous/children of the old testament/a little jewish maid.htm

The People of the New Earth
... cornelian, a flesh colour): the sixth, a sardius (probably the cornelian, the red
being sometimes vivid): the seventh, a chrysolite (yellow or gold in colour ...
/.../bullinger/commentary on revelation/the people of the new.htm




Gold for the Temple

Gold used As Money

Gold used in the Arts in Ornamenting the Priests' Garments

Gold used in the Arts: Apparel

Gold used in the Arts: Beaten Work

Gold used in the Arts: Bedsteads Made of

Gold used in the Arts: Crowns Made of

Gold used in the Arts: Into Ornaments

Gold used in the Arts: Made Into Wire Threads and Worked Into Embroidered Tapestry

Gold used in the Arts: Modeled Into Forms of Fruits

Gold used in the Arts: Overlaying With

Gold used in the Arts: Shields of

Gold used in the Arts: The Lampstands Made of, for the Tabernacle

Gold was Used for Chains

Gold was Used for Couches

Gold was Used for Crowns

Gold was Used for Earrings

Gold was Used for Footstools

Gold was Used for Idols

Gold was Used for Mercy Seat and Cherubims

Gold was Used for Ornaments

Gold was Used for Overlaying Cherubims in Temple

Gold was Used for Overlaying Floor of Temple

Gold was Used for Overlaying the Ark

Gold was Used for Overlaying the Tabernacle

Gold was Used for Overlaying the Temple

Gold was Used for Overlaying Throne of Solomon

Gold was Used for Rings

Gold was Used for Sacred Candlesticks

Gold was Used for Sacred Utensils

Gold was Used for Sceptres

Gold was Used for Shields

Gold was Used for Vessels

Gold: Abounded in Havilah

Gold: Abounded in Ophir

Gold: Abounded in Parvaim

Gold: Abounded in Sheba

Gold: Abundance of, in Solomon's Reign

Gold: Altar Lamps, and Other Articles Made of

Gold: An Article of Commerce

Gold: Babylonish Empire

Gold: Belongs to God

Gold: Estimated by Weight

Gold: Exacted As Tribute

Gold: Exported from Havilah

Gold: Figurative

Gold: Found in the Earth

Gold: from Ophir

Gold: Fusible

Gold: Given As Presents

Gold: Imported by Solomon

Gold: Jews Condemned for Multiplying

Gold: Kings of Israel not to Multiply

Gold: Liable to Canker and Rust

Gold: Liable to Grow Dim

Gold: Malleable

Gold: Most Valuable when Pure and Fine

Gold: Offerings of, for Tabernacle

Gold: Offerings of, for Temple

Gold: Parvaim

Gold: Precious

Gold: Priestly and Royal Garments Adorned With

Gold: Refined

Gold: Refined and Tried by Fire

Gold: Saints After Affliction

Gold: Sheba

Gold: Solomon Rich In

Gold: Symbolical

Gold: Taken in War, Dedicated to God

Gold: Tarshish

Gold: The Doctrines of Grace

Gold: The Patriarchs Were Rich In

Gold: Tried Faith

Gold: True Converts

Gold: Uphaz

Gold: Valuable

Gold: Vanity of Heaping Up

Gold: Vessels and Utensils Made of, for the Tabernacle

Gold: Wedge of

Gold: Working In, a Trade

Gold: Yellow

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