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Tyropoeon Valley

(i.e., "Valley of the Cheesemongers"), the name given by Josephus the historian to the valley or rugged ravine which in ancient times separated Mount Moriah from Mount Zion. This valley, now filled up with a vast accumulation of rubbish, and almost a plain, was spanned by bridges, the most noted of which was Zion Bridge, which was probably the ordinary means of communication between the royal palace on Zion and the temple. A fragment of the arch (q.v.) of this bridge (called "Robinson's Arch"), where it projects from the sanctuary wall, was discovered by Robinson in 1839. This arch was destroyed by the Romans when Jerusalem was taken.

The western wall of the temple area rose up from the bottom of this valley to the height of 84 feet, where it was on a level with the area, and above this, and as a continuance of it, the wall of Solomon's cloister rose to the height of about 50 feet, "so that this section of the wall would originally present to view a stupendous mass of masonry scarcely to be surpassed by any mural masonry in the world."

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In the Last, the Great Day of the Feast'
... Ophel, which recent investigations have shown to have been covered with buildings
to the very verge of Siloam, down the edge of the Tyropoeon Valley, where it ...
/.../edersheim/the life and times of jesus the messiah/chapter vii in the last.htm

In Jerusalem when Herod Reigned
... it, and out by the Western Gate of the Temple, we stand on the immense bridge which
spans the Valley of the Cheesemongers,' or the Tyropoeon, and connects the ...
/.../the life and times of jesus the messiah/chapter i in jerusalem when.htm

The Annunciation of St. John the Baptist
... As its echoes came in the still air across the cleft of the Tyropoeon, up the slopes
of the Upper City, down the busy quarters below, or away to the new suburb ...
/.../the life and times of jesus the messiah/chapter iii the annunciation of.htm

Thursday Night - Before Annas and Caiaphas - Peter and Jesus.
... same gate by which He had gone forth with His disciples after the Paschal Supper,
up to where, on the slope between the Upper City and the Tyropoeon, stood the ...
/.../the life and times of jesus the messiah/chapter xiii thursday night -.htm

Jewish views on Trade, Tradesmen, and Trades' Guilds
... A whole valley"that of the Tyropoeon"was occupied by dairies; hence its name, "valley
of cheesemongers." Even in Isaiah 7:3 we read of "the field of the ...
/.../edersheim/sketches of jewish social life/chapter 11 jewish views on.htm

Index i. Of Subjects
... Tyre, fair at, 82?83. Tyre and Sidon, borders of, Christ's stay there, ii.37, 38.
Tyropoeon Valley, i.112. Unknown Feast, Christ alone there, i.461, 462; ...
/.../edersheim/the life and times of jesus the messiah/index i of subjects.htm

... Easton's Bible Dictionary Tyropoeon Valley. (ie ... world.". Int. Standard Bible
Encyclopedia. TYROPOEON, THE. ti-ro-pe'-on. See JERUSALEM. ...
/t/tyropoeon.htm - 7k

Kidron (11 Occurrences)
... From this point it narrows and deepens gradually, bending slightly West of South,
and, after receiving the Tyropoeon valley, joins a little farther Southwest ...
/k/kidron.htm - 17k

Shallecheth (1 Occurrence)
... be the refuse gate; one of the gates of the house of the Lord, "by the causeway
of the going up" ie, the causeway rising up from the Tyropoeon valley = valley ...
/s/shallecheth.htm - 7k

Tyrus (18 Occurrences)

/t/tyrus.htm - 12k

Siloam (4 Occurrences)
... 7-11). It has been identified with the Birket Silwan in the lower Tyropoeon
valley, to the south-east of the hill of Zion. The water ...
/s/siloam.htm - 21k

Brook (75 Occurrences)
... From this point it narrows and deepens gradually, bending slightly West of South,
and, after receiving the Tyropoeon valley, joins a little farther Southwest ...
/b/brook.htm - 45k

Zion (169 Occurrences)
... It was surrounded on all sides, except the north, by deep valleys, that of the
Tyropoeon (qv) separating it from Moriah (qv), which it surpasses in height by ...
/z/zion.htm - 49k

King's (375 Occurrences)
... one situation in Jerusalem where it is possible for gardens to flourish all the
year round, namely, the part of the Kidron valley below the Tyropoeon which is ...
/k/king's.htm - 46k

Ophel (6 Occurrences)
... Hill; mound, the long, narrow, rounded promontory on the southern slope of the temple
hill, between the Tyropoeon and the Kedron valley (2 Chronicles 27:3; 33 ...
/o/ophel.htm - 14k

Gihon (6 Occurrences)
... of the temple hill conveys the water to the Pool of Siloam, which lies on the opposite
side of this ridge at the head of the Tyropoeon ("cheesemakers'") valley ...
/g/gihon.htm - 16k



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