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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Shear.

2. (n.) The act or operation of clipping with shears or a shearing machine, as the wool from sheep, or the nap from cloth.

3. (n.) The product of the act or operation of clipping with shears or a shearing machine; as, the whole shearing of a flock; the shearings from cloth.

4. (n.) Same as Shearling.

5. (n.) The act or operation of reaping.

6. (n.) The act or operation of dividing with shears; as, the shearing of metal plates.

7. (n.) The process of preparing shear steel; tilting.

8. (n.) The process of making a vertical side cutting in working into a face of coal.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

sher'-ing (beth `eqedh ha-ro`im, "house of binding of the shepherds"; Codex Vaticanus Baithakath (Codex Alexandrinus Baithakad) ton poimenon): Here in the course of his extinction of the house of Ahab, Jehu met and destroyed 42 men, "the brethren of Ahaziah king of Judah" (2 Kings 10:12-14). Eusebius (in Onomasticon) takes the phrase as a proper name, Bethacath, and locates the village 15 miles from Legio in the plain. This seems to point to identification with Beit Kad, about 3 miles East of Jenin.

Strong's Hebrew
1488. gez -- a shearing, mowing
... 1487, 1488. gez. 1489 . a shearing, mowing. Transliteration: gez Phonetic
Spelling: (gaze) Short Definition: fleece. Word Origin ...
/hebrew/1488.htm - 6k

1044. Beth-eqed -- "house of binding," a place in Palestine
... shearing house. From bayith and a derivative of aqad; house of (the) binding (for
sheep-shearing); Beth-Eked, a place in Palestine -- shearing house. ...
/hebrew/1044.htm - 6k

1494. gazaz -- to shear
... root Definition to shear NASB Word Usage cut off (3), cut off your hair (1), shaved
(1), shear (3), shearers (3), shearing (2), sheepshearers (2), sheepshearers ...
/hebrew/1494.htm - 6k

7462. ra'ah -- to pasture, tend, graze
... keep company with, devour, eat up, evil entreat, feed, use as a friend, make friendship
with, herdman, keep (sheep)(-er), pastor, + shearing house, shepherd ...
/hebrew/7462.htm - 5k

4177. mowrah -- a razor
... razor. razor From muwr in the sense of shearing; a razor -- razor. see HEBREW
muwr. 4176, 4177. mowrah. 4177a . Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/4177.htm - 5k


Of a Modus, Custom, &C.
... A custom to pay 3d a head for sheep agisted between Candlemas and shearing day,
and a fleece of every hundred every month for all sheep brought into the parish ...
/.../prideaux/directions to church-wardens/3 of a modus custom.htm

Abigail's Sensible Advice
... in Carmel. The man was very rich; he had three thousand sheep and a thousand
goats, and he was shearing his sheep at Carmel. His ...
/.../ childrens bible/abigails sensible advice.htm

Of Removing Tithes.
... Sheep kept principally for the sake of folding, if sold out of the parish
before shearing time, shall pay agistment tithe.2 Amstr.500. ...
/.../prideaux/directions to church-wardens/8 of removing tithes.htm

Concerning Maximus the Cynic and the Disorder which Has Happened ...
... By the time they had set the Cynic on the archiepiscopal throne, and had just begun
shearing away his long curls, they were surprised by the dawn. ...
/.../schaff/the seven ecumenical councils/canon iv concerning maximus the.htm

What Happened to the Hebrews During Thirty-Eight Years in the ...
... bring a shekel and a half in their stead: but for the first-born of a man, five
shekels: that they should also have the first-fruits out of the shearing of the ...
/.../josephus/the antiquities of the jews/chapter 4 what happened to.htm

A Blast of the Trumpet against False Peace
... There shall be a sheep shearing, and you shall be drunken with wine, until your
souls becomes as stolid as a stone. And then you wonder that you have peace. ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 6 1860/a blast of the trumpet.htm

David's Prohibited Desire and Permitted Service
... large. It represented many an act of self-denial, many a resolute shearing
off of superfluities and what might seem necessaries. ...
/.../expositions of holy scripture g/davids prohibited desire and permitted.htm

Chapter xxxviii
... and hilarity. Since they are his own sheep that are to be sheared, he goes
to the scene of their shearing to Timnah. This cannot ...
/.../leupold/exposition of genesis volume 1/chapter xxxviii.htm

Psalm LXIX.
... mouth reproofs." [2922] And that which in Isaiah hath been prophesied, "like a sheep
to be sacrificed He was led, and like a lamb before one shearing Him, so ...
/.../augustine/exposition on the book of psalms/psalm lxix.htm

... sailed (understood): "Paul sailed into Syria, and with him (sailed) Priscilla and
Aquila." But if it was intended also to refer the act of shearing to Aquila ...
/.../mcgarvey/a commentary on acts of the apostles/acts xviii.htm

Shearing (6 Occurrences)
... 1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Shear. 2. (n.) The act or operation of clipping with shears
or a shearing machine, as the wool from sheep, or the nap from cloth. ...
/s/shearing.htm - 9k

Sheep-shearing (1 Occurrence)
Sheep-shearing. Sheepshearing, Sheep-shearing. Sheepskin . Noah
Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) Act of shearing sheep. ...
/s/sheep-shearing.htm - 8k

Shearing-house (2 Occurrences)
Shearing-house. Shearinghouse, Shearing-house. Shearjashub . Easton's Bible
Dictionary ... Multi-Version Concordance Shearing-house (2 Occurrences). ...
/s/shearing-house.htm - 7k

... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia SHEEP-SHEARING. shep ... 14). The shearing was
carefully done so as to keep the fleece whole (Judges 6:37). ...
/s/sheepshearing.htm - 7k

Sheep (413 Occurrences)
... Sheep-shearing was generally an occasion of great festivity (Genesis 31:19; 38:12,
13; 1 Samuel 25:4-8, 36; 2 Samuel 13:23-28). Noah Webster's Dictionary. ...
/s/sheep.htm - 52k

Shear (5 Occurrences)
... See Shears. 7. (n.) A shearing; -- used in designating the age of sheep. ... 1 Samuel
25:4 David heard in the wilderness that Nabal was shearing his sheep. ...
/s/shear.htm - 9k

Nabal (18 Occurrences)
... David felt that some compensation was due him for such services (1 Samuel 25:15,
25), so, at the time of sheep-shearing-an occasion of great festivities among ...
/n/nabal.htm - 16k

Baalhazor (1 Occurrence)
... Having a courtyard, or Baal's village, the place on the borders of Ephraim and Benjamin
where Absalom held the feast of sheep-shearing when Amnon was ...
/b/baalhazor.htm - 7k

Baal-hazor (1 Occurrence)
... Having a courtyard, or Baal's village, the place on the borders of Ephraim and Benjamin
where Absalom held the feast of sheep-shearing when Amnon was ...
/b/baal-hazor.htm - 7k

Clip (2 Occurrences)
... 5. (n.) An embrace. 6. (n.) A cutting; a shearing. 7. (n.) The product
of a single shearing of sheep; a season's crop of wool. 8 ...
/c/clip.htm - 7k

Shearing (6 Occurrences)

Genesis 38:12
And in process of time Shua's daughter, the wife of Judah, died; and Judah was comforted, and went up unto his sheep-shearers to Timnah, he and his friend Hirah the Adullamite.
(See NIV)

Deuteronomy 18:4
The firstfruits also of thy corn, of thy new wine, and of thine oil, and the firstfruits of the shearing of thy sheep, shalt thou give him;

1 Samuel 25:2
There was a man in Maon, whose possessions were in Carmel; and the man was very great, and he had three thousand sheep, and a thousand goats: and he was shearing his sheep in Carmel.

1 Samuel 25:4
David heard in the wilderness that Nabal was shearing his sheep.

2 Kings 10:12
He arose and departed, and went to Samaria. As he was at the shearing house of the shepherds on the way,

2 Kings 10:14
He said, "Take them alive!" They took them alive, and killed them at the pit of the shearing house, even forty-two men. He didn't leave any of them.



Shearing House

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