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division; rupture

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(Perez, (1 Chronicles 27:3) Phares, (Matthew 1:3; Luke 3:33) 1 Esd. 5:6), twin son, with Zarah or Zerah, of Judah and Tamer his daughter-in-law. (B.C. 1730.) The circumstances of his birth are detailed in Gen. 38. Pharez occupied the rank of Judah's second son, and from two of his sons sprang two new chief houses, those of the Hezronites and Hamulites. From Hezron's second son Ram, or Aram, sprang David and the kings of Judah, and eventually Jesus Christ. In the reign of David the house of Pharez seems to have been eminently distinguished.

Easton's Bible Dictionary
Breach, the elder of the twin sons of Judah (Genesis 38:29). From him the royal line of David sprang (Ruth 4:18-22). "The chief of all the captains of the host" was of the children of Perez (1 Chronicles 27:3; Matthew 1:3).
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

pe'-rez, fa'-rez (perets, "breach"): One of the twins born to Judah by Tamar, Zerah's brother (Genesis 38:29, 30). In the King James Version Matthew 1:3 and Luke 3:33, he is called "Phares," the name in 1 Esdras 5:5. He is "Pharez" in the King James Version Genesis 46:12 Numbers 26:20, 21 Ruth 4:12, 18 1 Chronicles 2:4, 5; 1 Chronicles 4:1; 1 Chronicles 9:4. In the King James Version and the Revised Version (British and American) 1 Chronicles 27:3 Nehemiah 11:4, 6, he is "Perez." He is important through the fact that by way of Ruth and Boaz and so through Jesse and David his genealogy comes upward to the Saviour. The patronymic "Pharzite" occurs in Numbers 26:20 the King James Version.

Perezites (Numbers 16:20, the King James Version "Pharzites"). The patronymic of the name Perez.

Henry Wallace


fa'-rez (King James Version 1 Esdras 5:9; 8:30): The same as Revised Version PHOROS (which see).

Strong's Hebrew
6557. Perets -- son of Judah and Tamar
... Perez, Pharez. The same as perets; Perets, the name of two Israelites -- Perez,
Pharez. see HEBREW perets. 6556, 6557. Perets. 6558 . Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/6557.htm - 6k

Letter Lii. To Nepotian.
... Hence it is a scarlet thread that in Genesis the midwife binds upon the hand of
Pharez"Pharez "the divider," so called because he divided the partition which ...
/.../jerome/the principal works of st jerome/letter lii to nepotian.htm

Scriptural Poems; Being Several Portions of Scripture Digested ...
... hem spread thy fame; And may the seed which God shall give to thee Of this young
woman, full as prosperous be, As was the house of Pharez heretofore, (Pharez ...
/.../scriptural poems being several portions.htm

Appendix ix. List of Old Testament Passages Messianically Applied ...
... But the {hebrew} reappears in the word {hebrew} in Ruth 4:18, because these six
things are to be rstored to man by the son of Pharez' - or the Messiah (comp. ...
/.../edersheim/the life and times of jesus the messiah/appendix ix list of old.htm

Whether it is Credible that the Men of the Primitive Age Abstained ...
... "Judah," he says, "begat Pharez and Zara;" yet neither were these twins the
first-born of Judah, but before them he had begotten three other sons. ...
/.../augustine/city of god/chapter 15 whether it is credible.htm

Matt. I. 1
... For this cause the evangelist also both mentioned Thamar and her children, saying,
Judas begat Pharez and Zarah of Thamar.'" Compare also St. Cyr. of Alex. ...
/.../chrysostom/homilies on the gospel of saint matthew/homily iii matt i 1.htm

The Book of Jubilees
... of the members of Jacob's family that came into Egypt are not materially lightened
by the statements of our book, which, omitting the two sons of Pharez and of ...
// book of jubilees.htm

Letter cxxiii. To Ageruchia.
... to enquire of the Lord. [3301] What shall I say of Tamar who bore twin
sons, Pharez and Zarah? [3302] At their birth was broken ...
/.../jerome/the principal works of st jerome/letter cxxiii to ageruchia.htm

Index of Subjects.
Homilies on the Gospel of Saint Matthew. <. ...
/.../chrysostom/homilies on the gospel of saint matthew/index of subjects.htm

Answer to Eunomius' Second Book .
Gregory of Nyssa: Dogmatic Treatises, Etc. <. ...
/.../gregory of nyssa dogmatic treatises etc/answer to eunomius second book.htm

Pharez (11 Occurrences)
... PEREZ; PHAREZ. pe'-rez, fa'-rez (perets, "breach"): One of the twins born to Judah
by Tamar, Zerah's brother (Genesis 38:29, 30). ... Henry Wallace. PHAREZ. ...
/p/pharez.htm - 11k

Zarah (3 Occurrences)
... Matthew 1:3 and Judah begat Pharez and Zarah of Tamar, and Pharez begat Hezron,
and Hezron begat Ram, (YLT). ... And the sons of Pharez were Hezron and Hamul. ...
/z/zarah.htm - 7k

Perez (19 Occurrences)
... Easton's Bible Dictionary =Pharez, (qv), breach ... PEREZ; PHAREZ. pe'-rez, fa'-rez
(perets, "breach"): One of the twins born to Judah by Tamar, Zerah's brother (. ...
/p/perez.htm - 13k

Genealogies (17 Occurrences)
... earth after the flood. (See NAS RSV). Ruth 4:18 And these are genealogies
of Pharez: Pharez begat Hezron, (YLT). 1 Chronicles 1:29 ...
/g/genealogies.htm - 12k

Begat (112 Occurrences)
... begat Jephthah. (KJV ASV WBS). Ruth 4:18 Now these are the generations of
Pharez: Pharez begat Hezron, (KJV ASV WBS YLT). Ruth 4:19 ...
/b/begat.htm - 31k

Tamar (28 Occurrences)
... see JUDAH. By her father-in-law she became the mother of Perez and Zerah
(the King James Version "Pharez and Zarah"). Judah, who ...
/t/tamar.htm - 21k

Draweth (52 Occurrences)
... and she saith, 'What! thou hast broken forth -- on thee 'is' the breach;'
and he calleth his name Pharez; (YLT). Leviticus 9:8 And ...
/d/draweth.htm - 21k

Phares (2 Occurrences)

/p/phares.htm - 7k


/p/pharida.htm - 6k

... fo'-ros (Phoros; Codex Vaticanus (Swete) Phares (1 Esdras 8:30, where the King James
Version Pharez)): Name of one of the families, part of whom went up from ...
/p/phoros.htm - 6k

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Pharez (11 Occurrences)

Matthew 1:3
and Judah begat Pharez and Zarah of Tamar, and Pharez begat Hezron, and Hezron begat Ram,

Luke 3:33
the 'son' of Amminadab, the 'son' of Aram, the 'son' of Esrom, the 'son' of Pharez,

Genesis 38:29
And it came to pass, as he drew back his hand, that, behold, his brother came out: and she said, How hast thou broken forth? this breach be upon thee: therefore his name was called Pharez.

Genesis 46:12
And the sons of Judah; Er, and Onan, and Shelah, and Pharez, and Zarah: but Er and Onan died in the land of Canaan. And the sons of Pharez were Hezron and Hamul.

Numbers 26:21
And the sons of Pharez were; of Hezron, the family of the Hezronites: of Hamul, the family of the Hamulites.

Ruth 4:12
And let thy house be like the house of Pharez, whom Tamar bare unto Judah, of the seed which the LORD shall give thee of this young woman.

Ruth 4:18
Now these are the generations of Pharez: Pharez begat Hezron,

1 Chronicles 2:4
And Tamar his daughter in law bore him Pharez and Zerah. All the sons of Judah were five.

1 Chronicles 2:5
The sons of Pharez; Hezron, and Hamul.

1 Chronicles 4:1
The sons of Judah; Pharez, Hezron, and Carmi, and Hur, and Shobal.

1 Chronicles 9:4
Uthai the son of Ammihud, the son of Omri, the son of Imri, the son of Bani, of the children of Pharez the son of Judah.



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