Night Hawk
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Night Hawk


nit'-hok (tachmac, "tachmas"; glaux, but sometimes strouthos, and seirenos; Latin camprimulgus): The Hebrew tachmac means "to tear and scratch the face," so that it is very difficult to select the bird intended by its use. Any member of the eagle, vulture, owl or hawk families driven to desperation would "tear and scratch" with the claws and bite in self-defence. The bird is mentioned only in the lists of abominations (see Leviticus 11:16 Deuteronomy 14:15). There are three good reasons why the night-hawk or night-jar, more properly, was intended. The lists were sweeping and included almost every common bird unfit for food. Because of its peculiar characteristics it had been made the object of fable and superstition. It fed on wing at night and constantly uttered weird cries. Lastly, it was a fierce fighter when disturbed in brooding or raising its young. Its habit was to lie on its back and fight with beak and claw with such ferocity that it seemed very possible that it would "tear and scratch the face." Some commentators insist that the bird intended was an owl, but for the above reasons the night-jar seems most probable; also several members of the owl family were clearly indicated in the list.


Gene Stratton-Porter

Strong's Hebrew
8464. tachmas -- male ostrich
... disease, grievous, that are sickness. From chamac; a species of unclean bird (from
its violence), perhaps an owl -- night hawk. see HEBREW chamac. 8463, 8464 ...
/hebrew/8464.htm - 6k

8465. Tachan -- an Ephraimite
... night hawk. Probably from chanah; station; Tachan, the name of two Israelites --
Tahan. see HEBREW chanah. 8464, 8465. Tachan. 8466 . Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/8465.htm - 6k


Three Pictures of one Reality
... A little brood round the parent bird, frightened by some beast of prey, or hovering
hawk in the sky, and ... Take the other picture of the Passover night. ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture h/three pictures of one reality.htm

For the King There were Three Great Perils: the People...
... called her Salome, child of the sun, because she had the dark of night in her ... arms
extended, her feet, now slow as the pinions of a sailing hawk, now swift as ...
// 16 for the king.htm

The Outlaw
... I stirred in your side, mither, ye ken full well How you lay all night up among
the ... the deer, and the bonnie fells are free To a belted knight with hawk on hand ...
// and other poems/the outlaw.htm

Christmas Day
... man merry with the young, Through the short sunshine, through the longer night? ... the
hollow lane, And round the leafless hawthorns, flitting bats Hawk the pale ...
// and other poems/christmas day.htm

The Knight's Leap: a Legend of Altenahr
... So now to show bishop, and burgher, and priest, How the Altenahr hawk can die ... leapt
him out over the wall; Out over the cliff, out into the night, Three hundred ...
/.../kingsley/andromeda and other poems/the knights leap a legend.htm

On the Words, Maker of Heaven and Earth, and of all Things visible ...
... upon his stronger beam: see also how He has relieved the darkness of the night by
rays ... and others fly up into mid air and float motionless, as the hawk: for by ...
/.../cyril/lectures of s cyril of jerusalem/lecture ix on the words.htm

The Use of the Symbolic Style by Poets and Philosophers.
... Again, that the Spring is called "flowery," from its nature; and Night "still,"
on ... the injunctions of Moses: "These common things, the sow, the hawk, the eagle ...
/.../clement/the stromata or miscellanies/chapter viii the use of the.htm

... as the Psalmist had, the roar of the lion round the village at night, or seen all ...
The hawk feeds on the small birds, the small birds on the insects, the insects ...
// sermons/sermon xviii death.htm

The Treasure Cave
... upon thee," she said; "thou hast slaved for us since midday, and now the night is
far ... it to Rachel and to thyself to go forth with the eye of a hawk and the ...
// yoke/chapter xx the treasure cave.htm

Sailors' Hymns.
... Fierce was the wild billow, Dark was the night; Oars labored heavily, Foam glimmered ...
most poetical account alleges that a dove chased by a hawk dashed through ...
/.../brown/the story of the hymns and tunes/chapter x sailors hymns.htm



Night Hawk

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