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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(imp. & p. p.) of Migrate.
1290. diaspora -- a dispersion (Isr. in Gentile countries)
... Short Definition: dispersion Definition: lit: scattering abroad of seed by the sower,
hence: dispersion, used especially of the Jews who had migrated and were ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/1290.htm - 7k

Whether Justice and the Other virtues Cease to Exist in the Future ...
... Yet Tullius, the great author of eloquence, when arguing in the dialogue Hortensius,
says of all four: "If we were allowed, when we migrated from this life, to ...
/.../augustine/on the holy trinity/chapter 9 whether justice and the.htm

Noah's Sons.
... In the sixteenth generation the sons of men migrated from the east, and, coming
to the lands that had been assigned to their fathers, each one marked the place ...
/.../unknown/recognitions of clement /chapter xxx noahs sons.htm

Hooker -- the Activity of Faith; Or, Abraham's Imitators
... Chiefly in consequence of disagreements between his own and Cotton's congregation
he, with a large following, migrated in 1636 to the Connecticut Valley, where ...
/.../various/the worlds great sermons vol 2/hooker the activity of.htm

The Apology of Aristides the Philosopher. Translated from the ...
... And he begat twelve sons who migrated from Syria to Egypt; and there they were called
the nation of the Hebrews, by him who made their laws; and at length they ...
/.../kay/the apology of aristides the philosopher/the apology of aristides the.htm

The Pioneer's Influence Upon a Nation's Ideals.
... Back of the story of Abraham's call and settlement in Canaan clearly lies the historic
fact that the ancestors of the Hebrews as nomads migrated from the land ...
/.../kent/the making of a nation/study v the pioneers influence.htm

Chronological Table
... from Italy. Practically the whole Gothic nation migrated with Theodoric's army
to Italy, where Odoacer was thrice defeated. He consented ...
/.../boethius/the consolation of philosophy/chronological table.htm

... 10-xxv.10. He was a Semite, xi.10-32, and under a divine impulse he migrated
westward to Canaan, xii.1-9. There various fortunes ...
//christianbookshelf.org/mcfadyen/introduction to the old testament/genesis.htm

Training and Inspiration of Moses.
... the history of the Jews, say that Moses was sprung from the race of the Chaldæans,
and that he was born in Egypt when his forefathers had migrated on account ...
/.../chapter xtraining and inspiration of.htm

Kallihirua's Tribe
... It is Captain Ommanney's opinion that Kallihirua's tribe may be regarded as a remnant
of the pure race which, no doubt, in ages past migrated from Asia along ...
/.../murray/kalli the esquimaux christian /kallihiruas tribe.htm

Vain Display of Power by the Demons.
... And it is difficult to conceive that the immortal soul, which is impeded by the
members of the body, should become more intelligent when it has migrated from it ...
/.../tatian/tatians address to the greeks/chapter xvi vain display of power.htm

Migrated (1 Occurrence)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (imp. & pp) of Migrate. Multi-Version Concordance
Migrated (1 Occurrence). Genesis 11:2 It happened, as ...
/m/migrated.htm - 6k

Dispersion (4 Occurrences)
... Babylon on the proclamation of Cyrus. (2.) Many Jews migrated to Egypt
and took up their abode there. This migration began in the ...
/d/dispersion.htm - 44k

Persians (6 Occurrences)
... known habitat the so-called Airyanem Vaejo ("Aryan germ"), a district between the
Jaxartes and the Oxus (Vendidad I), whence they migrated gradually to what ...
/p/persians.htm - 20k

... But how primitive Arabs could have migrated uphill, as it were, to settle in the
Median and Armenian hills is a much more difficult proposition. ...
/s/semites.htm - 27k

... But how primitive Arabs could have migrated uphill, as it were, to settle in the
Median and Armenian hills is a much more difficult proposition. ...
/s/semitic.htm - 28k

Ur (5 Occurrences)
... That Terah should have migrated from Ur to Harran, therefore, ceases to be
extraordinary. If he left Ur at all, it was the most natural place to which to go. ...
/u/ur.htm - 15k

Arabia (9 Occurrences)
... They migrated into Ar, occupying in turn the Bahrein, Oman, the Yemen, and finally
the Hijaz, where they are said to have been the first settlers at Yathrib ...
/a/arabia.htm - 43k

Nod (2 Occurrences)
... NOD. nod (nodh): The land of Eden, to which Cain migrated after the murder
of his brother and his banishment by Yahweh (Genesis 4:16). ...
/n/nod.htm - 8k

Neapolis (1 Occurrence)
... known as Eski (ie "Old") Kavalla (Cousinery, Macedoine, II, 109;), and that upon
its destruction in the 6th or 7th century AD the inhabitants migrated to the ...
/n/neapolis.htm - 9k

Terah (12 Occurrences)
... Terah afterwards migrated with Abraham (probably his youngest son) and Lot (his
grandson), together with their families, from Ur, intending to go with them to ...
/t/terah.htm - 13k

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