Made Manifest
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5319. phaneroo -- to make visible, make clear
... appears (3), become visible (1), becomes visible (1), disclose (1), disclosed (1),
displayed (1), made...evident (2), made known (1), made manifest (2), make ...
// - 9k

1552. ekdelos -- wholly evident
... manifest Definition: perfectly evident, manifest. 1552 (from 1537 , " and to" and
1212 , "make clear") -- properly, (the one in error) and made plain others ...
// - 7k

601. apokalupto -- to uncover, reveal
... obstructed), especially its make-up; (figuratively) to make plain (manifest),
particularly what ... NASB Word Usage reveal (5), revealed (20), revelation is made ( ...
// - 8k

Strong's Hebrew
6942. qadash -- to be set apart or consecrated
... 1), dedicate (2), dedicated (8), dedicating (1), holier (1), holy (5), keep (1),
keep it holy (2), keep the holy (3), made it holy (1), manifest my holiness (2 ...
/hebrew/6942.htm - 6k

5046. nagad -- to be conspicuous
... 3), informed (1), informs (2), know (1), known (1), made known (4 ... ie Stand boldly
out opposite; by implication (causatively), to manifest; figuratively, to ...
/hebrew/5046.htm - 6k


God Hath Made Manifest
... Homily I. God hath made manifest. ... For that the former was better, God hath
made manifest, [16] both by His words, and by His doings. ...
/.../chrysostom/homilies on the gospel of saint matthew/homily i god hath made.htm

Petilianus Said: "But that the Truth of this May be Made Manifest ...
... Book II. Chapter 37. " 85. Petilianus said: "But that the truth of this
may be made manifest from´┐Ż "85. Petilianus said: "But ...
/.../chapter 37 85 petilianus.htm

How the Prophets and Holy Men of the Old Testament Knew the Things ...
... that those who are fully and really sons of Abraham are sons of his actions,
spiritually understood, and of the knowledge which was made manifest to him. ...
/.../origen/origens commentary on the gospel of john/2 how the prophets and.htm

Proofs of the Resurrection from Isaiah and Ezekiel; the Same God ...
... whether for his own or his parents' fault, He replied, "Neither hath this man sinned,
nor his parents, but that the works of God should be made manifest in him ...
/.../irenaeus/against heresies/chapter xv proofs of the resurrection.htm

section 4
... forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; always bearing about in the body the dying
of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our ...
// of the christ-life/section 4.htm

Still Continues the Praise of "Wisdom. ...
... higher, happier, more glorious reason, Jesus gives: "Neither hath this man sinned,
nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him ...
/.../jennings/old groans and new songs/chapter viii still continues the.htm

Ephesians v. 5, 6
... For the things which are done by them in secret it is a shame even to speak of.
But all things when they are reproved, are made manifest by the light.". ...
/.../homily xviii ephesians v 5.htm

John Chapter i. 19-33
... 12. "And I knew Him not," he said; "but that He might be made manifest
to Israel, therefore came I baptizing with water. And John ...
/.../augustine/homilies on the gospel of john/tractate iv john chapter i.htm

God Does all for a Soul of Goodwill.
... Submitting entirely to this will as to precept and inspiration directly it was made
manifest to them, they were always in complete dependence on, what we might ...
/.../de caussade/abandonment to divine providence/section iv god does all for.htm

John i. 28, 29
... whom he was ignorant? "But that He should be made manifest unto Israel,
therefore am I come baptizing with water.". He then did not ...
/.../homilies on the gospel of st john and hebrews/homily xvii john i 28.htm

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