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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (a.) Not proper; not appropriate; not fitted to the circumstances, design, or end; unfit; not becoming; incongruous; inappropriate; indecent; as, an improper medicine; improper thought, behavior, language, dress.

2. (a.) Not peculiar or appropriate to individuals; general; common.

3. (a.) Not according to facts; inaccurate; erroneous.

4. (v. t.) To appropriate; to limit.

824. atopos -- out of place, strange
... out of place, strange. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: atopos Phonetic
Spelling: (at'-op-os) Short Definition: improper, unrighteous, perverse ...
// - 7k

952. bebelos -- permitted to be trodden, by impl. unhallowed
... because of. 952 ("profane because of improper entrance") refers to people () ,
because they approach Him . See also 949 (). Word ...
// - 7k

808. aschemosune -- unseemliness
... Cognate: 808 (from 1 "without" and 4976 , "form") -- properly, deformity (improperly
fashioned); (figuratively) improper behavior that fails to fulfill the ...
// - 7k

150. aischros -- shameful
... disgraceful. Word Origin from the same as aischuno Definition shameful NASB
Word Usage disgraceful (2), improper (1), sordid (1). filthy. ...
// - 6k

1598. ekpeirazo -- to test thoroughly, tempt
... from 1537 , " and " and 3985 , "tempt") -- properly, test , ie with the of testing
to an (unwarranted) degree; "hyper-test," going to improper measures which ...
// - 7k

4122. pleonekteo -- to have more, to overreach
... Cognate: 4122 (from 4119 , "more" and 2192, "have") -- properly, "(the desire)
to have ," ie acquire (a of) things; to (improper) gain. ...
// - 7k

3115. makrothumia -- patience, long-suffering
... before expressing anger. This avoids the premature use of force (retribution)
that rises out of improper anger (a ). 3115 ("divinely ...
// - 8k


How Internal Exercises are to be Practised in Times Improper and ...
... PRAYER. CHAPTER IV. How internal exercises are to be practised in times
improper and distractive.� Sec. 1. How internal exercises ...
/.../chapter iv how internal exercises.htm

Letter cxviii. (AD 410. )
... dear friends; but I know your disposition, that you do not desire to be solicited,
but show kindness readily to all, if only there be nothing improper in the ...
/.../augustine/the confessions and letters of st/letter cxviii a d 410.htm

The Bible --The Background and the Picture.
... Our common sense is such that we are always led astray by improper action, unless
our superior wisdom enables us to know that the action is improper. ...
/.../the biblethe background and the.htm

... we ask him, and while we abhor ourselves so much as to have no heart to ask for
forgiveness; but his having forgiven us does not render the petition improper. ...
/.../ theology/lecture xl sanctification.htm

Concerning Repentance and Alms-Giving.
... I said to him, "Ask himself, sir, whether from the time that he has entered my house
I have done anything improper, or have offended him in any respect." He ...
/.../similitude tenth concerning repentance and.htm

Love Worketh no Ill to his Neighbor; Therefore Love is the ...
... Individuals often feel emotions rising in their minds, which they know to be improper,
and try by direct effort of will to banish them from their minds; and ...
/.../finney/lectures to professing christians/love worketh no ill to.htm

Jesus Before Annas.
... Speak out, thou inciter of rebellion! Didst thou not eat the Paschal lamb in an
unlawful manner, at an improper time, and in an improper place? ...
/.../the dolorous passion of our lord jesus christ/chapter vi jesus before annas.htm

The Hurt of Sin.
... judgment. There results lack of care of the body, improper use of the strength,
and ignorant and improper use of the bodily functions. ...
// talks about jesus/the hurt of sin.htm

Waiting the Father's Word.
... Strength is never greater than when used rightly; never greater than when
refused to the improper use. The essence of sin is in ...
/.../gordon/quiet talks about jesus/waiting the fathers word.htm

Why Choice of Meats was Prescribed.
... Thus also God by the mouth of Moses commanded you to abstain from unclean and improper
[1997] and violent animals: when, moreover, though you were eating manna ...
/.../chapter xx why choice of meats.htm

Improper (3 Occurrences)
... not appropriate; not fitted to the circumstances, design, or end; unfit; not becoming;
incongruous; inappropriate; indecent; as, an improper medicine; improper...
/i/improper.htm - 7k

Improperly (1 Occurrence)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (adv.) In an improper manner; not properly; unsuitably;
unbecomingly. Multi-Version Concordance Improperly (1 Occurrence). ...
/i/improperly.htm - 6k

Purity (16 Occurrences)
... 5. (n.) Freedom from any sinister or improper motives or views. 6. (n.)
Freedom from foreign idioms, or from barbarous or improper...
/p/purity.htm - 30k

Amiss (8 Occurrences)
... 1. (adv.) Astray; faultily; improperly; wrongly; ill. 2. (a.) Wrong; faulty;
out of order; improper; as, it may not be amiss to ask advice. ...
/a/amiss.htm - 10k

Violent (151 Occurrences)
... 2. (a.) Acting, characterized, or produced by unjust or improper force; outrageous;
unauthorized; as, a violent attack on the right of free speech. ...
/v/violent.htm - 36k

Naughty (3 Occurrences)
... 3. (superl.) hence, corrupt; wicked. 4. (superl.) Mischievous; perverse; froward;
guilty of disobedient or improper conduct; as, a naughty child. Int. ...
/n/naughty.htm - 9k

Undue (1 Occurrence)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (a.) Not right; not deserved or legal; improper;
as, undue attention. 2. (a.) Not due; not yet owing ...
/u/undue.htm - 7k

Wrong (391 Occurrences)
... 4. (a.) Not fit or suitable to an end or object; not appropriate for an intended
use; not according to rule; unsuitable; improper; incorrect; as, to hold a ...
/w/wrong.htm - 36k

Wise (422 Occurrences)
... 2. (v.) Hence, especially, making due use of knowledge; discerning and judging soundly
concerning what is true or false, proper or improper; choosing the best ...
/w/wise.htm - 40k

Imprisons (2 Occurrences)

/i/imprisons.htm - 6k

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