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Strong's Hebrew
7251. raba -- to square
... raba' through the idea of sprawling "at all fours" (or possibly the reverse is the
order of deriv.); compare arba'); properly, to be four (sided); used only as ...
/hebrew/7251.htm - 6k

7243. rebii -- fourth
... Word Origin from the same as arba Definition fourth NASB Word Usage four-sided
(1), fourth (51), one-fourth (1), square (1). foursquare, fourth part. ...
/hebrew/7243.htm - 6k


Whether Many Habits Can be in one Power?
... comprised in another; just as neither can a body have several shapes, save in so
far as one shape enters into another, as a three-sided in a four-sided figure. ...
/...// theologica/whether many habits can be.htm

Whether Sin is Fittingly Divided into Sin against God, against ...
... This may be seen in the division of numbers and figures: for a triangle is
distinguished from a four-sided figure not in respect of its being contained thereby ...
/.../aquinas/summa theologica/whether sin is fittingly divided.htm

Symbolism of the Church Building
... David, etc., are said to have been long preserved, if not existing even now. They
are four-sided bronze bells, sometimes of several plates fused into one. St. ...
/.../regester/the worship of the church/symbolism of the church building.htm

The Members of the Lord: their Names and Significance
... [I:Thess.4:15]. The chariot of the Lord, the seat of the Lord, is the four-sided
gospel; in the psalm: the chariot of the Lord has 20,000 sides. ...
/.../eucherius/the formulae of st eucherius of lyons/i the members of the.htm

Making and Breaking Connections.
... on them," "came upon,"[10] all suggesting an act from above. A Four-Sided
Truth. Now notice that the word used at the time of the ...
/.../gordon/quiet talks on power/making and breaking connections.htm

Letter vii. (AD 389. )
... that three worlds, such as the one which we inhabit, were placed one above another;"
or, "Suppose the earth to be enclosed within a four-sided figure," and so ...
/.../augustine/the confessions and letters of st/letter vii a d 389.htm

The Teen Age Teacher
... for your class. Remember your boy is four-sided, that he is physical, mental,
social and religious in his nature. Do not neglect ...
/.../alexander/the boy and the sunday school/xix the teen age teacher.htm

Last Things
... This period, like Janus, hath two faces, looking back on the year that is past and
looking forward on the year that is to come, and my four-sided lamp will ...
// on proverbs/last things.htm

Four-sided (1 Occurrence)
Four-sided. Fourscore, Four-sided. Foursquare . Multi-Version
Concordance Four-sided (1 Occurrence). 1 Kings 6:33 So ...
/f/four-sided.htm - 6k

Foursquare (10 Occurrences)

/f/foursquare.htm - 11k

Fourscore (33 Occurrences)

/f/fourscore.htm - 16k

Quarrel (22 Occurrences)
... 5. (n.) A square or lozenge-shaped paving tile. 6. (n.) A glazier's diamond. 7.
(n.) A four-sided cutting tool or chisel having a diamond-shaped end. ...
/q/quarrel.htm - 15k

... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) An upright, four-sided pillar, gradually tapering
as it rises, and terminating in a pyramid called pyramidion. ...
/o/obelisk.htm - 7k

Diamond (5 Occurrences)
... of a diamond. 4. (n.) A pointed projection, like a four-sided pyramid,
used for ornament in lines or groups. 5. (n.) The infield ...
/d/diamond.htm - 9k

Altar (343 Occurrences)
... altar found at Gezer built into the foundation of a wall dating about 600 BC Mr.
Macalister describes it in the following words: "It is a four-sided block of ...
/a/altar.htm - 78k

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Four-sided (1 Occurrence)

1 Kings 6:33
So also made he for the entrance of the temple door-posts of olive-wood, within a frame four-square;



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