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3560. noutheteo -- to admonish, exhort
... 3560 ("admonish through instruction") especially , supplying (). This "exerts positive
pressure" (), ie urging them to choose (turn to) God's best. ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/3560.htm - 7k

Theological Systems Devised to Harmonize the Dogmas of Grace and ...
... b) In spite of free-will, however, the influence which God exerts on His rational
creatures is irresistible because it proceeds from an absolute and omnipotent ...
/.../pohle/grace actual and habitual/section 2 theological systems devised.htm

Of the Ordering of all the virtues through the Seven Gifts of the ...
... The Gift of Piety. And if he exerts himself well in that which he has received from
God, then God bestows upon him the spirit of Piety and Mercy. ...
/.../john/the adornment of the spritual marriage/chapter lxiii of the ordering.htm

The First Ministry of the Baptist.
... they should adopt. How marvellous is the fascination which he exerts over
men who will speak to their inner-most souls! This has ...
//christianbookshelf.org/meyer/john the baptist/v the first ministry of.htm

The Sovereignty of God in Operation
... 1. God exerts upon His own elect a quickening influence or power. ... 2. God
exerts upon His own elect an energising influence or power. ...
/.../pink/the sovereignty of god/chapter six the sovereignty of.htm

Edwards -- Spiritual Light
... work more freely and fully, but those principles are restored that were utterly
destroyed by the fall; and the mind thenceforward habitually exerts those acts ...
/.../kleiser/the worlds great sermons volume 3/edwards spiritual light.htm

Home Influence.
... What an influence home exerts upon our faith! ... But the family, whether Christian
or heathen, exerts an overwhelming influence over the state. ...
/...//christianbookshelf.org/philips/the christian home/chapter v home influence.htm

... by a direct and physical influence, excites the susceptibilities of the soul and
prepares them to be affected by the truth; that he, thereupon, exerts a moral ...
/.../finney/systematic theology/lecture xxviii regeneration.htm

The Necessity of Regeneration, Argued from the Immutable ...
... eyes; hears sounds before unknown; opens its mouth to receive a yet untasted food,
and every day becomes acquainted with new objects, and exerts new powers ...
/.../practical discourses on regeneration/discourse iv the necessity of.htm

The Poets Also Bear Testimony to the Truth.
... "He is one, self-proceeding; and from Him alone all things proceed,. And in them
He Himself exerts his activity: no mortal. Beholds Him, but He beholds all.". ...
/.../clement/exhortation to the heathen/chapter vii the poets also bear.htm

God's Providence
... universe. As to its inherent nature, it is the power which God exerts, without
intermission, in and upon all the works of his hands. ...
/.../chapter vi gods providence.htm

Exerts (1 Occurrence)
... Multi-Version Concordance Exerts (1 Occurrence). James ... cured. The heartfelt
supplication of a righteous man exerts a mighty influence. (WEY). ...
/e/exerts.htm - 6k

Influence (13 Occurrences)
... of an effect, physical or moral, by a gradual process; controlling power quietly
exerted; agency, force, or tendency of any kind which the sun exerts on animal ...
/i/influence.htm - 11k

Exhaust (2 Occurrences)

/e/exhaust.htm - 8k

Exertion (2 Occurrences)

/e/exertion.htm - 7k

Charm (5 Occurrences)
... incantation. 3. (n.) That which exerts an irresistible power to please and
attract; that which fascinates; any alluring quality. 4 ...
/c/charm.htm - 14k

Affinity (4 Occurrences)
... persons of the opposite sex; also, the man or woman who exerts such psychical or
spiritual attraction. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. AFFINITY. ...
/a/affinity.htm - 10k

Agent (4 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (a.) Acting; -- opposed to patient, or sustaining,
action. 2. (n.) One who exerts power, or has the power to act; an actor. ...
/a/agent.htm - 8k

Servant (738 Occurrences)
... a person who is employed by another for menial offices, or for other labor, and
is subject to his command; a person who labors or exerts himself for the ...
/s/servant.htm - 67k

Supplication (71 Occurrences)
... that you may be cured. The heartfelt supplication of a righteous man exerts
a mighty influence. (WEY ASV DBY YLT). 1 Peter 3:12 For ...
/s/supplication.htm - 29k

Cured (62 Occurrences)
... that you may be cured. The heartfelt supplication of a righteous man exerts
a mighty influence. (WEY). Deuteronomy 28:27 Jehovah ...
/c/cured.htm - 23k

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