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(hollow Syria), the remarkable valley or hollow which intervenes between Libanus and Anti-Libanus, stretching a distance of nearly a hundred miles. The only mention of the region as a separate tract of country which the Jewish Scriptures contain is probably that in (Amos 1:5) where "the inhabitants of the plain of Aven" are threatened in conjunction with those of Damascus. The word is given in the Authorized Version as CELO-SYRIA.

Easton's Bible Dictionary
Hollow Syria, the name (not found in Scripture) given by the Greeks to the extensive valley, about 100 miles long, between the Lebanon and the Anti-Lebanon range of mountains.
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

se-le-sir'-i-a (the King James Version Celosyria; Koile Suria, "hollow Syria"): So the Greeks after the time of Alexander the Great named the valley lying between the two mountain ranges, Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon. It is referred to in the Old Testament as Biq`ath ha-Lebhanon, "the valley of Lebanon" (Joshua 11:17), a name the echo of which is still heard in el-Buqa`, the designation applied today to the southern part of the valley. This hollow, which extends about 100 miles in length, is the continuation northward of the Jordan valley. The main physical features are described under LEBANON (which see). The name, however, did not always indicate the same tract of territory. In Strabo (xvi.2) and Ptolemy (v.15), it covers the fertile land between Jebel esh-Sharqy and the desert presided over by Damascus. In 1 Esdras 2:17; 2 Maccabees 3:8, etc., it indicates the country South and East of Mt. Lebanon, and along with Phoenicia it contributed the whole of the Seleucid dominions which lay South of the river Eleutherus. Josephus includes in Coele-Syria the country East of the Jordan, along with Scythopolis (Beisan) which lay on the West, separated by the river from the other members of the Decapolis (Ant., XIII, xiii, 2, etc.). In XIV, iv, 5, he says that "Pompey committed Coele-Syria as far as the river Euphrates and Egypt to Scaurus." The term is therefore one of some elasticity.

W. Ewing


How Alexander, Upon the League of Mutual Defense which Cleopatra ...
... How Alexander, upon the League of Mutual Defense Which Cleopatra Had Agreed with
Him, Made an Expedition Against Coelesyria, and Utterly Overthrew the City of ...
/.../josephus/the antiquities of the jews/chapter 13 how alexander upon.htm

... Theodulus, [2735] [2736] a presbyter in Coelesyria is said to have written many
works, but the only one which has come to my hand, is the one which he composed ...
/.../jerome and gennadius lives of illustrious men /chapter xci theodulus.htm

Concerning Nebuchadnezzar and his Successors and How their ...
... he says thus: "When his father Nebuchodonosor [Nabopollassar] heard that the governor
whom he had set over Egypt, and the places about Coelesyria and Phoenicia ...
/.../the antiquities of the jews/chapter 11 concerning nebuchadnezzar and.htm

The Personal History of Herod - the Two Worlds in Jerusalem.
... He returned at the head of an army, and was with difficulty persuaded by his father
to spare Jerusalem. Meantime C├Žsar had named him Governor of Coelesyria. ...
/.../the life and times of jesus the messiah/chapter ii the personal history.htm

Caesar Makes Antipater Procurator of Judea; as Does Antipater ...
... And now, since Herod was made general of Coelesyria and Samaria by Sextus Caesar,
he was formidable, not only from the good-will which the nation bore him, but ...
/.../chapter 10 caesar makes antipater.htm

The Antiquities of the Jews
... How Alexander, upon the League of Mutual Defense Which Cleopatra Had Agreed with
Him, Made an Expedition Against Coelesyria, and Utterly Overthrew the City of ...
// antiquities of the jews/


/c/coelesyria.htm - 8k

... He renewed the war, but was defeated at Raphia in 217, and was obliged to give
up Phoenicia and Coelesyria; Seleucia, however, he retained. ...
/a/antiochus.htm - 17k

... On the death of Ptolemy VI in 173, Antiochus laid claim to Coelesyria, Palestine
and Phoenicia; whereupon war broke out between Syria and Egypt. ...
/e/epiphanes.htm - 8k

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