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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) A lump or mass, especially of earth, turf, or clay.

2. (n.) The ground; the earth; a spot of earth or turf.

3. (n.) That which is earthy and of little relative value, as the body of man in comparison with the soul.

4. (n.) A dull, gross, stupid fellow; a dolt

5. (n.) A part of the shoulder of a beef creature, or of the neck piece near the shoulder.

6. (v. i.) To collect into clods, or into a thick mass; to coagulate; to clot; as, clodded gore. See Clot.

7. (v. t.) To pelt with clods.

8. (v. t.) To throw violently; to hurl.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

In Job 7:5 (gish, gush, "a mass of earth"), "clods of dust," the crust of his sores, formed by the dry, swollen skin-a symptom of leprosy, though not peculiar to it. In Job 21:33; Job 38:38 (reghebh, "a soft clod," "lump of clay"), "The clods of the valley shall be sweet unto him," "The clods cleave fast together." In Joel 1:17 (meghraphah, "a furrow," "something thrown off" (by the spade)), "The seeds rot (m "shrivel") under their clods."

Figurative: "Jacob shall break his clods" (Hosea 10:11), i.e. "must harrow for himself," used figuratively of spiritual discipline (compare Isaiah 28:24 the King James Version).

M. O. Evans

Strong's Hebrew
1487. gush -- a clod, lump
... 1486, 1487. gush. 1488 . a clod, lump. Transliteration: gush Phonetic Spelling:
(goosh) Short Definition: crust. ... clod, mass of earth. ...
/hebrew/1487.htm - 5k

7263. regeb -- a clod (of earth)
... 7262, 7263. regeb. 7264 . a clod (of earth). Transliteration: regeb
Phonetic Spelling: (reh'-gheb) Short Definition: clods. ... clod. ...
/hebrew/7263.htm - 5k

4053. megraphah -- a shovel
... clod. From garaph; something thrown off (by the spade), ie A clod -- clod. see HEBREW
garaph. 4052, 4053. megraphah. 4054 . Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/4053.htm - 6k

2635. chasaph -- clay, potsherd
... clay. (Aramaic) from a root corresponding to that of chacpac; a clod -- clay. see
HEBREW chacpac. 2634, 2635. chasaph. 2636 . Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/2635.htm - 6k


Christian Graces.
... So do thy desires"when one shall remove the clod, the blade will soon point upward
I know thy mind; that which keeps thee that thou canst not yet arrive to ...
// riches of bunyan/xviii christian graces.htm

Naparima and Montserrat
... I have seen, cresting the highest ridges of Montserrat, ten feet at least of fat
earth, falling clod by clod right and left upon the gardens below. ...
// last/chapter x naparima and montserrat.htm

The Guilt and Folly of Denying God.
... "There is no God," the Fool replies,. Whose heart is duller than the clod. The grateful
clod, refresh'd with rains,. Pours flowers along its Maker's path; ...
/.../montgomery/sacred poems and hymns/hymn vi the guilt and.htm

I Walk'd the Other Day, (To Spend My Hour),
... To raise it to the truth and light of things; But is still trod. By every wandering
clod [133] . "O Thou! ... Footnotes: [132] strow, put. [133] clod, countryman. ...
/.../palgrave/the treasury of sacred song/cxxi i walkd the other.htm

Nature's Evening Hymn.
... 4 On all thou smil'st; and what is man Before thy presence, God; A breath,
but yesterday inspired, To-morrow but a clod. That clod ...
/.../adams/hymns for christian devotion/177 natures evening hymn.htm

... The Sacian took up a hard clod of earth from a bank as he walked along. At length
they were in the midst of the group. "Throw!" said Cyrus. ...
// the great/chapter xi conversations.htm

To the Right Hon. Henry Pelham, First Lord Commissioner of the ...
... The wise illumine, aggrandize the great. How great (while yet we tread the
kindred clod,. ... The clod we tread; soon trodden by our sons); ...
// night thoughts/to the right hon henry.htm

The Earnest and the Inheritance
... one day be handed over to the man who has received the foretaste of it in the 'earnest.'
The soldier's shilling, the ploughman's 'arles,' the clod of earth and ...
/.../the earnest and the inheritance.htm

A visit to the Harvest Field
... household. He cannot get it again; it is under the clod, and there too it
must die; for except it die, it bringeth not forth fruit. ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 17 1871/a visit to the harvest.htm

A Great Household
... Francis and took him as model in his relations with others. "I am by nature a country
clod," he would say in after years, "and if I had not met the Bishop of ...
/.../forbes/life of st vincent de paul/chapter 3 a great household.htm

Clod (1 Occurrence)
... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. CLOD. ... MO Evans. Multi-Version Concordance Clod
(1 Occurrence). Job 7:5 My flesh is clothed with worms and clods of dust. ...
/c/clod.htm - 8k

Clods (7 Occurrences)

/c/clods.htm - 8k

Cloaks (13 Occurrences)

/c/cloaks.htm - 9k

Earnest (33 Occurrences)
... If the agreement be about wages, then a part of the wages is advanced; if it be
about land, then a clod given to the purchaser or beneficiary may stand as the ...
/e/earnest.htm - 20k

Shrivelled (6 Occurrences)
... (WEY). Job 7:5 Clothed hath been my flesh 'with' worms, And a clod of dust,
My skin hath been shrivelled and is loathsome, (YLT). ...
/s/shrivelled.htm - 8k

Argob (6 Occurrences)
... "Clod" is the translation of the word reghebh in Job 21:33; Job 38:38; probably
therefore 'argobh should be tendered "a region of clods," ie "arable land ...
/a/argob.htm - 15k

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Clod (1 Occurrence)

Job 7:5
My flesh is clothed with worms and clods of dust. My skin closes up, and breaks out afresh.



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