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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) A numerical character zero; also a cryptographic system or key where each letter or digit replaces another.

2. (n.) One who, or that which, has no weight or influence.

3. (n.) A character in general, as a figure or letter.

4. (n.) A combination or interweaving of letters, as the initials of a name; a device; a monogram; as, a painter's cipher, an engraver's cipher, etc. The cut represents the initials N. W.

5. (n.) A private alphabet, system of characters, or other mode of writing, contrived for the safe transmission of secrets; also, a writing in such characters.

6. (a.) of the nature of a cipher; of no weight or influence.

7. (v. i.) To use figures in a mathematical process; to do sums in arithmetic.

8. (v. t.) To write in occult characters.

9. (v. t.) To get by ciphering; as, to cipher out the answer.

10. (v. t.) To decipher.

11. (v. t.) To designate by characters.


... A cipher has a double meaning, one clear and one in which it is said that
the meaning is hidden. 678. ... A cipher has two meanings. ...
// x typology.htm

A Liberal Education: and Where to Find It.
... At any rate "make people learn to read, write, and cipher," say a great many;
and the advice is undoubtedly sensible as far as it goes. ...
/.../huxley/lay sermons addresses and reviews/iii a liberal education and.htm

Power --Its Source
... given."T. Goodwin. To unconverted persons, a great part of the Bible
resembles a letter written in cipher. The blessed Spirit's ...
// power/chapter i powerits source.htm

Now There were Few Barriers Between the Emperor and the People. .. ...
... The old emperor, leaning forward, touched the arm of the young man and gave him
a cunning glance. "A cipher," he added, passing the sheet of vellum. ...
// 6 now there were.htm

Appendix B: Forgery Procured by Mary of Guise
... {280e} There exists a document, in the cipher of Throckmorton, English Ambassador
in France, purporting to be a copy of a letter from the Regent to the Duc and ...
/.../lang/john knox and the reformation/appendix b forgery procured by.htm

Birth and Ancestors. Family Circumstances. "Fist and Skull" ...
... They thought that "to read, write and cipher" as far as the single rule of three,
was all the learning one needed for this life, unless he was going to teach. ...
/.../chapter i birth and ancestors.htm

Treats of the Sublime Favours God Bestows on Souls which have ...
... [392] It is impossible, so do not be amazed at what I write about them which
is but a cipher of what remains untold concerning God. ...
/.../teresa/the interior castle or the mansions/chapter i treats of the 2.htm

And Now a Civil War Broke Out Between Constantine and Maxentius. . ...
... commanded, and he marked on their shields the letter Ch, with a perpendicular line
drawn through it and turned round thus at the top, being the cipher of Christ ...
/.../lactantius/of the manner in which the persecutors died/chap xliv and now a.htm

The Great Revival
... Whenever I see a man who is called a revivalist, I always set him down for a cipher.
I would scorn the taking of such a title as that to myself. ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 4 1858/the great revival.htm

Search Me.
... these words are! Many a splendid life to-day is an utter cipher in the spirit
atmosphere because of some such hindrance. And God's ...
// talks on prayer/search me.htm

Cipher (1 Occurrence)
... 4. (n.) A combination or interweaving of letters, as the initials of a name; a device;
a monogram; as, a painter's cipher, an engraver's cipher, etc. ...
/c/cipher.htm - 7k

Naught (40 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (adv.) Nothing. 2. (n.) The arithmetical character
0; a cipher. See Cipher. 3. (adv.) In no degree; not at all. ...
/n/naught.htm - 19k

Nothing (769 Occurrences)
... a trifle. 4. (n.) A cipher; naught. 5. (adv.) In no degree; not at all;
in no wise. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. NOTHING. nuth ...
/n/nothing.htm - 40k

Null (4 Occurrences)
... 2. (n.) Something that has no force or meaning. 3. (n.) That which has no value;
a cipher; zero. 4. (vt) To annul. 5. (n.) One of the beads in nulled work. ...
/n/null.htm - 7k

O (1414 Occurrences)
... 3. (n.) The letter O, or its sound. 4. (n.) Something shaped like the letter
O; a circle or oval. 5. (n.) A cipher; zero. 6. (a.) One. ...
/o/o.htm - 37k

Cinneroth (4 Occurrences)

/c/cinneroth.htm - 8k


/c/cirama.htm - 6k

Games (2 Occurrences)
... In the Book of Jeremiah (25:26; 51:41:00; 51:1) are two examples of a cryptic
or cipher mode of writing which comes very near the riddle. ...
/g/games.htm - 40k

Esteemed (44 Occurrences)
... atom. (DBY). Isaiah 40:17 All the nations are as nothing before him; they
are esteemed by him less than a cipher, and vanity. (DBY). ...
/e/esteemed.htm - 20k

... it could? This is what polygamy has done-reduced woman as nearly to a cipher
as it could in all the departments of her being. She ...
/p/polygamy.htm - 19k

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