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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) A weight on the side of the ball used in the game of bowls, or a tendency imparted to the ball, which turns it from a straight line.

2. (n.) A leaning of the mind; propensity or prepossession toward an object or view, not leaving the mind indifferent; bent; inclination.

3. (n.) A wedge-shaped piece of cloth taken out of a garment (as the waist of a dress) to diminish its circumference.

4. (n.) A slant; a diagonal; as, to cut cloth on the bias.

5. (a.) Inclined to one side; swelled on one side.

6. (a.) Cut slanting or diagonally, as cloth.

7. (adv.) In a slanting manner; crosswise; obliquely; diagonally; as, to cut cloth bias.

8. (v. t.) To incline to one side; to give a particular direction to; to influence; to prejudice; to prepossess.

4299. prokrima -- a prejudice
... 5:21). Word Origin from a comp. of pro and krino Definition a prejudice
NASB Word Usage bias (1). prejudice, bias. From a compound ...
// - 7k

4625. skandalon -- a stick for bait (of a trap), generally a snare ...
... 4625 ("the means of stumbling") stresses the () of , ie how someone is caught
by (like their personal bias, carnal thinking). ["4625 ...
// - 8k

4065. periphroneo -- to examine on all sides, to despise
... personal perspective") -- properly, think all-around by considering from all sides
which results however in "over-thinking" (injecting personal bias, used only ...
// - 7k

970. bia -- strength, force
... activity); force -- violence. see GREEK bia. (bian) -- 1 Occurrence. (bias) --
2 Occurrences. 969, 970. bia. 971 . Strong's Numbers.
// - 6k


On the Wit of Whistler
... This is surely a very curious example of that extravagant bias against morality
which makes so many ultra-modern aesthetes as morbid and fanatical as any ...
// on the wit of.htm

The Ethics of Elfland
... of one of the enduring faiths because, having now to trace the roots of my personal
speculation, this may be counted, I think, as the only positive bias. ...
// the ethics of elfland.htm

Asa's Reformation, and Consequent Peace and victory
... Modern critics charge him with writing with a bias, but he learned the 'bias' from
God's own declarations, and had it confirmed by observation, reflection, and ...
/.../expositions of holy scripture g/asas reformation and consequent peace.htm

Succession of Philosophers in Greece.
... Of whom four were of Asia"Thales of Miletus, and Bias of Priene, Pittacus of Mitylene,
and Cleobulus of Lindos; and two of Europe, Solon the Athenian, and ...
/.../the stromata or miscellanies/chapter xiv succession of philosophers in.htm

Parental Duties Considered and Urged.
... The forming mankind to virtue, and rendering them a godly seed, depends much on
the means then used with them, and the bias then given to the mind. ...
/.../sermon xxii parental duties considered.htm

General Character of Christians.
... with one another. The natural man feels a bias to wickedness, and wishes
to indulge his depraved inclinations. But reason forbids ...
/.../lee/sermons on various important subjects/sermon xi general character of.htm

Evolution in General
... wrongly told; it may be coloured, exaggerated, over- or under-stated like the record
of any other set of facts; it may be told with a theological bias or with ...
/.../drummond/the lowell lectures on the ascent of man/i evolution in general.htm

... The claim to freedom from bias is in almost ludicrous harmony with such
reasoning. Again, "that also which is said"chap. vii.10 ...
// groans and new songs/preface.htm

Set at Liberty.
... biases men towards evil. Every one that has handled bowls on the green
is familiar with the effect of the bias. The bowls are not ...
// the baptist/xiv set at liberty.htm

But You Will Perhaps Seek to Know the Cause of this Error of ...
... As, then, freedom from the agitation of the passions is the beginning and groundwork
of a life in accordance with virtue, so the bias to vice generated by that ...
/.../gregory/gregory of nyssa dogmatic treatises etc/chapter vi but you will.htm

Bias (1 Occurrence)
... 4. (n.) A slant; a diagonal; as, to cut cloth on the bias. ... 7. (adv.) In a slanting
manner; crosswise; obliquely; diagonally; as, to cut cloth bias. ...
/b/bias.htm - 7k

Prejudice (2 Occurrences)
... 2. (n.) A bias on the part of judge, juror, or witness which interferes with fairness
of judgment. 3. (n.) Mischief; hurt; damage; injury; detriment. ...
/p/prejudice.htm - 8k

Favor (184 Occurrences)
... white flowers worn at a wedding. 7. (n.) Appearance; look; countenance;
face. 8. (n.) Partiality; bias. 9. (n.) A letter or epistle ...
/f/favor.htm - 40k

Nationality (5 Occurrences)
... character. 3. (n.) A race or people, as determined by common language and
character, and not by political bias or divisions; a nation. 4 ...
/n/nationality.htm - 8k

Influence (13 Occurrences)
... 5. (vt) To control or move by power, physical or moral; to affect by gentle action;
to exert an influence upon; to modify, bias, or sway; to move; to persuade ...
/i/influence.htm - 11k

Iconium (6 Occurrences)
... colonia. Iconium was still a Hellenic city, but with a strong pro-Roman bias
(as proved by its title "Claudian") when Paul visited it. ...
/i/iconium.htm - 12k

Indifferent (2 Occurrences)
... 5. (a.) Free from bias or prejudice; impartial; unbiased; disinterested. 6. (adv.)
To a moderate degree; passably; tolerably. Multi-Version Concordance ...
/i/indifferent.htm - 7k

Independent (1 Occurrence)
... independent property. 3. (a.) Not subject to bias or influence; not obsequious;
self-directing; as, a man of an independent mind. 4. (a ...
/i/independent.htm - 8k

Fair (147 Occurrences)
... 7. (superl.) Characterized by frankness, honesty, impartiality, or candor; open;
upright; free from suspicion or bias; equitable; just; -- said of persons ...
/f/fair.htm - 40k

Partiality (26 Occurrences)
... 1. (n.) The quality or state of being partial; inclination to favor one party, or
one side of a question, more than the other; undue bias of mind. ...
/p/partiality.htm - 13k

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