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beth-ha-ke'-rem, beth-hak'-e-rem (the King James Version Beth-haccerem; beth ha-kerem; Bethachcharma (see DB), "place of the vineyard"): A district (in Nehemiah 3:14) ruled over by one, Malchijah; mentioned in Jeremiah 6:1 as a suitable signal station. From its association with Tekoa (Jeremiah 6:1) and from the statement by Jerome that it was a village which he could see daily from Bethlehem, the Frank mountain (Herodium) has been suggested. It certainly would be a unique place for a beacon. More suitable is the fertile vineyard country around `Ain Karem (the "spring of the vineyard"). On the top of Jebel `Ali, above this village, are some remarkable cairns which, whatever their other uses, would appear to have been once beacons. `Ain Karem appears as Carem in the Septuagint (Joshua 15:59).


E. W. G. Masterman


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Beth-haccherem (2 Occurrences)
Beth-haccherem. Bethhaccherem, Beth-haccherem. Beth-hacche'rem . Int. ... (ASV BBE).
Bethhaccherem, Beth-haccherem. Beth-hacche'rem . Reference Bible.
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Beth-haccerem (2 Occurrences)
Beth-haccerem. Bethhaccerem, Beth-haccerem. Bethhaccherem . Easton's Bible
Dictionary ... (DBY WBS YLT NAS). Bethhaccerem, Beth-haccerem. Bethhaccherem . ...
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