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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (adv.) Without covering; nakedly.

2. (adv.) Without concealment or disguise.

3. (adv.) Merely; only.

4. (adv.) But just; without any excess; with nothing to spare (of quantity, time, etc.); hence, scarcely; hardly; as, there was barely enough for all; he barely escaped.

3643b. oligos -- a little, almost
... a little, almost. Transliteration: oligos Short Definition: barely. Word Origin
adverb from oligos Definition a little, almost NASB Word Usage barely (1). ...
// - 5k

3433. molis -- with difficulty
... with , ie (""). 3433 ("what barely happens") emphasizes the by which
something comes to pass, ie because it is so . [3425 (from ...
// - 7k


Salvation by Faith
... I. What faith it is through which we are saved. 1. And, first, it is not barely
the faith of a heathen. ... For this is barely the faith of a heathen. ...
/.../wesley/sermons on several occasions/sermon 1 salvation by faith.htm

The Incomparable Bridegroom and his Bride
... both. But it is not enough to be barely consistent; what the world expects
in Christians is real holiness as well as consistency. ...
/.../spurgeons sermons volume 42 1896/the incomparable bridegroom and his.htm

Notes on Tauler's Teaching
... in this volume, for the most part so dull and in places barely intelligible, would
strike a critic as not the work of the same author as the Sermon numbered xv ...
// inner way/iii notes on taulers teaching.htm

The Good Steward
... For he is not the proprietor of any of these things, but barely entrusted with them
by another; and entrusted on this express condition, " that he shall ...
/.../wesley/sermons on several occasions/sermon 51 the good steward.htm

To the Rev. J. Jowett
... nothing was ever printed from before, has been brought out in the Mandchou language;
two rude Esthonian peasants, who previously could barely compose with ...
/.../borrow/letters of george borrow/to the rev j jowett 12.htm

Of the Church
... This is not barely the faith of a Heathen; Namely, a belief that "there is a God,"
and that he is gracious and just, and, consequently, "a rewarder of them ...
/.../wesley/sermons on several occasions/sermon 74 of the church.htm

2 Cor. vi. 1, 2
... Again, "We entreat also." For he indeed, when beseeching, doth not barely beseech,
but sets forth these His just claims; namely, that He gave His Son, the ...
/.../homilies on the epistles of paul to the corinthians/homily xii 2 cor vi.htm

Rom. xiv. 25-27
... And he does not barely say please, but for his good, and not barely for his good,
lest the advanced person should say, See I am drawing him to his good! ...
/.../chrysostom/homilies on acts and romans/homily xxvii rom xiv 25-27.htm

The Martyrdom
... of the conveniences of life were to be had, where the dirt and vermin were an
intolerable annoyance, and where even the rudest necessaries were barely to be ...
/.../chapter lxviii the martyrdom.htm

On Regeneration
... But then, if the benefits of our dear Redeemer's death were to extend no farther
than barely to procure forgiveness of our sins, we should have as little ...
/.../whitefield/selected sermons of george whitefield/on regeneration.htm

Barely (3 Occurrences)
... 4. (adv.) But just; without any excess; with nothing to spare (of quantity, time,
etc.); hence, scarcely; hardly; as, there was barely enough for all; he ...
/b/barely.htm - 7k

Isaiah (64 Occurrences)
... It is barely possible that there is an allusion to his martyrdom in Hebrews 11:37,
which reads, "They were stoned, they were sawn asunder," but this is by no ...
/i/isaiah.htm - 66k

Narrowly (2 Occurrences)
... 4. (adv.) With a little margin or space; by a small distance; hence, closely; hardly;
barely; only just; -- often with reference to an avoided danger or ...
/n/narrowly.htm - 7k

Narrow (21 Occurrences)
... 3. (superl.) Having but a little margin; having barely sufficient space, time, or
number, etc.; close; near; -- with special reference to some peril or ...
/n/narrow.htm - 14k

Near (3455 Occurrences)
... near to the original. 8. (adv.) So as barely to avoid or pass injury or
loss; close; narrow; as, a near escape. 9. (adv.) Next to ...
/n/near.htm - 9k

Oak (22 Occurrences)
... species, of which nearly fifty occur in the United States, the rest in Europe, Asia,
and the other parts of North America, a very few barely reaching the ...
/o/oak.htm - 33k

Only (3813 Occurrences)
... 4. (a.) In one manner or degree; for one purpose alone; simply; merely; barely.
5. (a.) So and no otherwise; no other than; exclusively; solely; wholly. ...
/o/only.htm - 10k

Jude (4 Occurrences)
... The appellation "servant of Jesus Christ" "is never thus barely used in
an address of an epistle to designate an apostle" (Alford). ...
/j/jude.htm - 40k

Just (1529 Occurrences)
... 5. (adv.) Closely; nearly; almost. 6. (adv.) Barely; merely; scarcely; only; by
a very small space or time; as, he just missed the train; just too late. ...
/j/just.htm - 7k

Fountain (57 Occurrences)
... Or there may be a tiny stream which barely suffices for drinking water, about which
the village women and girls sit and talk waiting their turns to fill their ...
/f/fountain.htm - 30k

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