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az-mo-de'-us ('ashmedhai; Asmodaios): An evil spirit first mentioned in Tobit 3:8. Older etymologists derived the name from the Hebrew verb shamadh, "destroy"; but it is now generally held to be associated with Zoroastrianism, with which the Jews became acquainted during the exile, and by which later Jewish views on the spirit-world were greatly influenced. It is now held to be the equivalent of the Persian Aeshma-Deva, the spirit of concupiscence. The spirit is at times reckoned as the equal in power of "Abaddon" (Job 31:12) and of "Apollyon" (Revelation 9:11), and in Tobit is represented as loving Sara, only daughter of Raguel of Ecbatana, and as causing the death on the bridal night of seven husbands who had in succession married her. His power was broken by the young Tobias acting on the advice of the angel Raphael (Tobit 6:15). He burnt on the "ashes of incense" the heart and liver of a fish which he caught in the Tigris. "But when the devil smelled the smell, he fled into the uppermost parts of Egypt, and the angel bound him" (Tobit 8:3). Milton refers to the incident in Paradise Lost, 4, 168-71, founding on Jewish demonology and the "loves of the angels" (Genesis 6:2).

J. Hutchison

... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia ASMODAEUS. az-mo-de'-us ('ashmedhai; Asmodaios):
An evil spirit first mentioned in Tobit 3:8. Older ...
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... is, in accordance with his name, to cure Tobit of blindness, and to deliver Sarah,
the daughter of Raguel, from the power of the evil spirit Asmodaeus (Tobit 3 ...
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