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(the divine healer). According to Jewish tradition, Raphael was one of the four angels which stood round the throne of God --Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

ra'-a-el, ra'-fa-el (repha'el, from rapha' 'el, "God has healed"; Rhaphael): The name of the angel who, as Azarias, guides Tobias to ECBATANA and RAGES (which see). The purpose of his mission is, in accordance with his name, to cure Tobit of blindness, and to deliver Sarah, the daughter of Raguel, from the power of the evil spirit Asmodaeus (Tobit 3:8; 12:14). Later, in addition, when he reveals himself (Tobit 12:15), he declares that he is "one of the seven holy angels, which present the prayers of the saints, and go in before the glory of the Holy One." These seven angels are derived, according to Dr. Kohut, from the seven Am-shaspands (Amesha-spentas) of Zoroastrianism (compare Revelation 4:5). At the head of the elaborate angelology of the Enoch books there are "four presences," and Raphael is one of them (En 40:9; 54:6). In the first of these passages Raphael is the healer; in the second, he with Michael, Gabriel and Phanuel lead the wicked away to punishment. These four presences seem related to the four "living creatures" of Ezekiel (1:5) and of the Apocalypse (Revelation 4:6). While this is the general representation of Raphael's position in Enoch, in 20:3 he is named among the angels who "watch," whose number according to the Greek text is seven. Raphael shared in the function assigned to the archangels, in the Oracula Sibyllina, of leading souls to the judgment seat of God (II, 215, Alexandre's text). He occupies a prominent place in Jewish medieval writings; he with Michael and Gabriel cured Abraham (Yoma' 37a); according to the book Zohar, Raphael conveyed to Adam a book containing 72 kinds of wisdom in 670 writings. The painters of the Renaissance frequently depicted Raphael.

J. E. H. Thomson


Answer to Objections: He who Prays Prays not Alone
... Two instances make this plain. The first is where Raphael offers their
service to God for Tobit and Sarah. After both had prayed ...
/.../origen/origen on prayer/chapter vi answer to objections .htm

Treatise viii. On Works and Alms.
... Raphael the angel also witnesses the like, and exhorts that alms should be freely
and liberally bestowed, saying, "Prayer is good, with fasting and alms ...
/.../cyprian/the treatises of cyprian/treatise viii on works and.htm

Here Followeth the History of Tobit
... And the holy angel of God, Raphael, was sent to heal them both. ... Then Raphael the
angel took the devil and bound him in the upperest desert of Egypt. ...
/.../wells/bible stories and religious classics/here followeth the history of 2.htm

Dignity of the Scripture Language.
... When I look upon Raphael's picture of our Saviour appearing to his disciples after
his resurrection, I cannot but think the just disposition of that piece has ...
/.../sect vii dignity of the.htm

Comenius and the Hidden Seed, 1627-1672.
... For some years there had flourished in the town of Lissa a famous Grammar
School. It was founded by Count Raphael IV. Leszczynski ...
/.../hutton/history of the moravian church/chapter xvi comenius and the.htm

Treatise vii. On the Mortality.
... yielded not to the temptation of his weak wife in his trouble, but rather deserved
better from God by his greater patience; and afterwards Raphael the angel ...
/.../cyprian/the treatises of cyprian/treatise vii on the mortality.htm

Revelation of Esdras.
... [2490] And I fasted as he told me. And there came Raphael the commander of the host,
and gave me a storax rod. And I fasted twice sixty [2491] weeks. ...
//christianbookshelf.org/unknown/revelation of esdras/revelation of esdras.htm

Spiritual Diagnosis
... We have been painting Madonnas and Ecce Homos and choirs of angels, like Raphael,
and it is hard to condescend to the beggar boy of Murillo. ...
/.../berkhof/new evangelism and other papers/spiritual diagnosis.htm

Acts 17:26 "One Blood. "
... coming from an obscure corner of Asia, this little man whose "bodily presence was
weak," and very unlike the ideal figure in one of Raphael's cartoons, what ...
/.../the upper room being a few truths for the times/chapter vi acts 17 26 one.htm

Letter G
... 1818, Died 1822 * Gilbert, John D. "Received 1820, Located 1825 * Gilbert, John
W. "Received 1825, Expelled 1837 * Gilbert, Raphael "Received 1828 ...
/.../christianbookshelf.org/bangs/an alphabetical list of m e preachers/letter g.htm

... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia RAPHAEL. ra'-a-el, ra'-fa-el (repha'el,
from rapha' 'el, "God has healed"; Rhaphael): The name of ...
/r/raphael.htm - 8k

... This he desired his son to fetch; but the journey is long and dangerous, and he
must have a trustworthy guide which he finds in Raphael, an angel sent by God ...
/t/tobit.htm - 34k

Anaharath (1 Occurrence)
... This he desired his son to fetch; but the journey is long and dangerous, and he
must have a trustworthy guide which he finds in Raphael, an angel sent by God ...
/a/anaharath.htm - 87k

Raphah (5 Occurrences)

/r/raphah.htm - 8k

Rapha (10 Occurrences)

/r/rapha.htm - 10k

... 4. (3) Azarias, who interpreted the law to the people (1 Esdras 9:48); compare Azariah
(Nehemiah 8:7). (4) Azarias, a name assumed by the angel Raphael (Tobit 5 ...
/a/azarias.htm - 7k

Angel (209 Occurrences)
... In Apocrypha Raphael, Uriel and Jeremiel are also named. Of Raphael it is
said (Tobit 12:15) that he is "one of the seven holy angels ...
/a/angel.htm - 78k

... The money was restored to Tobit in the time of his distress through his son Tobias,
whom the angel Raphael led to Gabael at Rages (APC TOBIT 1:14; 4:1, 20; 5:06 ...
/g/gabael.htm - 6k

Raguel (1 Occurrence)
... In Enoch 20:4 Raguel appears as one of the archangels, perhaps by confusion for
Raphael (Tobit 3:17). Another form of the name is REUEL (which see). ...
/r/raguel.htm - 9k

Rephael (1 Occurrence)
... repha'el, "God has healed"; Rhaphael): The eponym of a family of gatekeepers (1
Chronicles 26:7). The name occurs in Tobit and Enoch ("Raphael"); it probably ...
/r/rephael.htm - 7k

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