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al'-on-ba'-kuth ('allon bakhuth; the King James Version transliterates Allon-bachuth, al-on-bak'uth, "oak of weeping"): The burial place of Deborah, the nurse of Rebekah (Genesis 35:8); it appears from the narrative that she made her home with Jacob, who had returned from Paddan-aram, and was sojourning at the time at Bethel, in the vicinity of which was the "oak of weeping," under which she was buried.


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Allon-bachuth (1 Occurrence)
Allon-bachuth. Allonbachuth, Allon-bachuth. Allonbacuth . Easton's Bible
Dictionary ... (DBY WBS). Allonbachuth, Allon-bachuth. Allonbacuth . Reference Bible
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Allon-bacuth (1 Occurrence)
Allon-bacuth. Allonbacuth, Allon-bacuth. Al'lon-bacuth . Int. ... (ASV BBE JPS NAS).
Allonbacuth, Allon-bacuth. Al'lon-bacuth . Reference Bible.
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