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Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary

close; pressed together

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(the PTOLEMAIS of the Maccabees and New Testament), Now called Acca , or more usually by Europeans St. Jean dAcre , the most important seaport town on the Syrian coast, about 30 miles south of Tyre. It was situated on a slightly projecting headland, at the northern extremity of that spacious bay which is formed by the bold promontory of Carmel on the opposite side. Later it was named Ptolemais, after one of the Ptolemies, probably Soter. The only notice of it in the New Testament is in (Acts 21:7) where it is called Ptolemais .

ATS Bible Dictionary

A city of the tribe of Asher, Jude 1:31. In the New Testament, Accho is called Ptolemais, Acts 21:7; from one of the Ptolemais, who enlarged and beautified it. The crusaders gave it the name of Acre, of St. John of Acre. It is still called Akka by the Turks. It sustained several sieges during the crusades, and was the last fortified place wrested from the Christians by the Turks.

The town is situated on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, thirty miles south of Tyre, on the north angle of a bay to which it gives its name, and which extends in a semicircle of three leagues, as far as the point of Mount Carmel, south-west of Acre. After its memorable siege by Bonaparte, when he was repulsed by Sir Sidney Smith, in 1799, Accho was much improved and strengthened, and its population was estimated at from 18,000 to 20,000. It has since then suffered greatly, having been besieged six months by Ibrahim Pacha, in 1832, and bombarded by an English fleet in 1840. Present population, (1859), 10,000 or 12,000.

Accho and all the seacoast beyond it northwards, was considered as the heathen land of the Jews.

Easton's Bible Dictionary
Sultry or sandy, a town and harbour of Phoenicia, in the tribe of Asher, but never acquired by them (Judges 1:31). It was known to the ancient Greeks and Romans by the name of Ptolemais, from Ptolemy the king of Egypt, who rebuilt it about B.C. 100. Here Paul landed on his last journey to Jerusalem (Acts 21:7). During the crusades of the Middle Ages it was called Acra; and subsequently, on account of its being occupied by the Knights Hospitallers of Jerusalem, it was called St. Jean d'Acre, or simply Acre.
Strong's Hebrew
5910. Akko -- a city in Asher
... Acco. Apparently from an unused root meaning to hem in; Akko (from its situation
on a bay) -- Accho. 5909, 5910. Akko. 5911 . Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/5910.htm - 5k

A Farewell
... The family were to sail away at evening, and all their goods were on the barque
which lay at anchor by the quay to take them to the port of Accho. ...
/.../gathering clouds a tale of the days of st chrysostom/chapter xli a farewell.htm

Accho (1 Occurrence)
... called St. Jean d'Acre, or simply Acre. Multi-Version Concordance Accho
(1 Occurrence). Judges 1:31 Neither did Asher drive out the ...
/a/accho.htm - 7k

Accident (3 Occurrences)

/a/accident.htm - 8k

Accessories (8 Occurrences)

/a/accessories.htm - 8k

Zidon (25 Occurrences)
... Judges 1:31 Neither did Asher drive out the inhabitants of Accho, nor the inhabitants
of Zidon, nor of Ahlab, nor of Achzib, nor of Helbah, nor of Aphik, nor ...
/z/zidon.htm - 17k

Ptolemais (2 Occurrences)
... A maritime city of Galilee (Acts 21:7). It was originally called "Accho" (qv), and
received the name Ptolemais from Ptolemy Soter when he was in possession of ...
/p/ptolemais.htm - 7k

Cabul (2 Occurrences)
... A town on the eastern border of Asher (Joshua 19:27), probably one of the towns
given by Solomon to Hiram; the modern Kabul, some 8 miles east of Accho, on the ...
/c/cabul.htm - 8k

Acco (2 Occurrences)
... ak'-o (`akko; [`Akcho]; Ake Ptolemais; Modern Arabic `Akka, English Acre; the King
James Version Accho): A town on the Syrian coast a few miles north of Carmel ...
/a/acco.htm - 13k

Achshaph (3 Occurrences)
... It was in the eastern boundary of the tribe of Asher, and is identified with
the modern ruined village of Kesaf or Yasif, NE of Accho. Int. ...
/a/achshaph.htm - 8k

Achzib (4 Occurrences)
... It is identified with the modern es-Zib, on the Mediterranean, about 8 miles
north of Accho. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. ACHZIB. ...
/a/achzib.htm - 10k

Abdon (8 Occurrences)
... 74). The ruins of Abdeh, some 8 miles north-east of Accho, probably Mark
its site. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. ABDON (1). ab ...
/a/abdon.htm - 13k

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