Ecclesiastes 10:16
Text Analysis
337 [e]אִֽי־
to youPrep | 2fs
776 [e]אֶ֔רֶץ
4428 [e]שֶׁמַּלְכֵּ֖ךְ
when your kingPro-r | N-msc | 2fs
5288 [e]נָ֑עַר
[is] a childN-ms
8269 [e]וְשָׂרַ֖יִךְ
and your princesConj-w | N-mpc | 2fs
1242 [e]בַּבֹּ֥קֶר
in the morningPrep-b, Art | N-ms
398 [e]יֹאכֵֽלוּ׃

Hebrew Texts
קהלת 10:16 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
אִֽי־לָ֣ךְ אֶ֔רֶץ שֶׁמַּלְכֵּ֖ךְ נָ֑עַר וְשָׂרַ֖יִךְ בַּבֹּ֥קֶר יֹאכֵֽלוּ׃

קהלת 10:16 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
אי־לך ארץ שמלכך נער ושריך בבקר יאכלו׃

קהלת 10:16 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
אי־לך ארץ שמלכך נער ושריך בבקר יאכלו׃

קהלת 10:16 Hebrew Bible
אי לך ארץ שמלכך נער ושריך בבקר יאכלו׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
Woe to you, O land, whose king is a lad and whose princes feast in the morning.

King James Bible
Woe to thee, O land, when thy king is a child, and thy princes eat in the morning!

Holman Christian Standard Bible
Woe to you, land, when your king is a youth and your princes feast in the morning.
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in the

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