2 Kings 19:24
Text Analysis
589 [e]אֲנִ֣י
6979 [e]קַ֔רְתִּי
have dugV-Qal-Perf-1cs
8354 [e]וְשָׁתִ֖יתִי
and drunkConj-w | V-Qal-ConjPerf-1cs
4325 [e]מַ֣יִם
2114 [e]זָרִ֑ים
2717 [e]וְאַחְרִב֙
and I have dried upConj-w | V-Hifil-ConjImperf-1cs
3709 [e]בְּכַף־
with the solesPrep-b | N-fsc
6471 [e]פְּעָמַ֔י
of my feetN-fpc | 1cs
3605 [e]כֹּ֖ל
2975 [e]יְאֹרֵ֥י
the brooksN-mpc
4693 [e]מָצֽוֹר׃
of EgyptN-proper-fs

Hebrew Texts
מלכים ב 19:24 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
אֲנִ֣י קַ֔רְתִּי וְשָׁתִ֖יתִי מַ֣יִם זָרִ֑ים וְאַחְרִב֙ בְּכַף־פְּעָמַ֔י כֹּ֖ל יְאֹרֵ֥י מָצֹֽור׃

מלכים ב 19:24 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
אני קרתי ושתיתי מים זרים ואחרב בכף־פעמי כל יארי מצור׃

מלכים ב 19:24 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
אני קרתי ושתיתי מים זרים ואחרב בכף־פעמי כל יארי מצור׃

מלכים ב 19:24 Hebrew Bible
אני קרתי ושתיתי מים זרים ואחרב בכף פעמי כל יארי מצור׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
"I dug wells and drank foreign waters, And with the sole of my feet I dried up All the rivers of Egypt."

King James Bible
I have digged and drunk strange waters, and with the sole of my feet have I dried up all the rivers of besieged places.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
I dug wells, and I drank foreign waters. I dried up all the streams of Egypt with the soles of my feet.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

I have digged, etc. I have conquered strange countries, and marched through the driest places, in which I have digged wells for my army.

with the sole. My infantry have been so numerous, that they alone have been sufficient to dry up all the rivers of besieged places, either by drinking them, or by diverting their course into other channels.

Exodus 15:9 The enemy said, I will pursue, I will overtake, I will divide the …

2 Samuel 17:13 Moreover, if he be gotten into a city, then shall all Israel bring …

1 Kings 20:10 And Benhadad sent to him, and said, The gods do so to me, and more also…

Daniel 4:30 The king spoke, and said, Is not this great Babylon, that I have …

besieged places. or, fenced places.

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