The Creation of ManH. J. Hastings, M. A.Genesis 1:26-27
Man's CorruptionH. J. Hastings, M. A.Genesis 6:5-7
Abraham CalledF. Hastings Genesis 12:1
The Divine CallF. Hastings.Genesis 12:1-3
UsefulnessF. Hastings.Genesis 12:1-3
Abraham UsefulF. Hastings Genesis 12:2
Abraham WorshippingF. Hastings Genesis 12:7
WorshipF. Hastings.Genesis 12:7
Carnal PolicyF. Hastings.Genesis 12:10-20
Abraham and Carnal PolicyF. Hastings Genesis 12:13
Abraham, the Peaceable ManF. Hastings Genesis 13:8
A Peaceable SpiritF. Hastings.Genesis 13:9
A King-PriestF. Hastings Genesis 14:18-20
A Noble RefusalF. Hastings.Genesis 14:21-24
Abraham's Independent SpiritF. Hastings Genesis 14:22, 23
Abraham's Watch and VisionF. Hastings Genesis 15:12-17
Watching and VisionsF. Hastings., J. C. Gray.Genesis 15:12
Abraham and Family TrainingF. Hastings Genesis 18:19
Family ReligionH. J. Hastings, M. A.Genesis 18:19
Family TrainingF. Hastings.Genesis 18:19
Hagar, a Weary OutcastF. Hastings Genesis 21:17
God's Care for IshmaelF. Hastings Genesis 21:20
The Son of the BondwomanF. Hastings.Genesis 21:22
Perfect FaithF. Hastings.Genesis 22:1-18
Abraham's Perfect FairlyF. Hastings Genesis 22:12
Eliezer, or a Wife-SeekerF. Hastings Genesis 24:21
Laban's Eye of GreedF. Hastings Genesis 24:30
Laban, the Solicitous HostF. Hastings Genesis 24:31
Isaac in the FieldF. Hastings Genesis 24:63
Esau, the Spiritually IndifferentF. Hastings Genesis 25:32
Rebekah, the DisappointedF. Hastings Genesis 27:46
A Stairway to HeavenF. Hastings Genesis 28:12
Jacob's Preparation for Acceptable WorshipF. Hastings Genesis 35:2
Joseph At HomeF. Hastings Genesis 37:2-4
Joseph Leaving HomeF. Hastings Genesis 37:14, 15
Drawn from the PitF. Hastings Genesis 37:28
Joseph in SlaveryF. Hastings Genesis 39:21
Joseph as Prison WardenF. Hastings Genesis 39:22
Pharaoh's Forgetful ButlerF. Hastings Genesis 40:23; 41:9
Joseph as Prime MinisterF. Hastings Genesis 41:40
Destitution and AbundanceF. Hastings Genesis 41:54
A SuretyF. Hastings Genesis 44:32
Judah's PortionF. Hastings Genesis 49:8-12
Intended Bane an Unintentional BoonF. Hastings Genesis 50:20
Strawless BricksF. Hastings.Exodus 5:7-12
Bezaleel; Or, Invention, Art, and ReligionF. Hastings.Exodus 35:30-34
God's Dealings with His PeopleH. J. Hastings, M. A.Deuteronomy 4:1-40
The Dangers of Prosperity, and the Means of Avoiding ThemH. J. Hastings, M. A.Deuteronomy 6:10-12
Adoni-Bezek; Or, Righteous RetributionFred. Hastings.Judges 1:1-10
Jether, the Timid Son of a Brave FatherFredk. Hastings.Judges 8:18-21
The Young Levite; Or, Rich ContentF. Hastings.Judges 17:1-13
FriendshipF. Hastings.1 Samuel 18:1-4
Uzzah; or the Danger of Familiarity with Sacred ThingsF. Hastings.2 Samuel 6:6-7
The Tekoite and Divine DevisingF. Hastings.2 Samuel 14:14
Hushai, the Archite; or a Fateful MeetingF. Hastings.2 Samuel 15:32-37
Absalom: Spiritual InsecurityF. Hastings.2 Samuel 18:29
Abel's Oracle; or Prudence and PeaceablenessF. Hastings.2 Samuel 20:16-22
Rizpah: Or, Relative SufferingF. Hastings.2 Samuel 21:10-14
Light and HealthH. L. Hastings.2 Samuel 22:29
Abijah; Or, Early Piety and Evil ParentageF. Hastings.1 Kings 14:13
Ben-Hadad: Boastful Beginnings and Bitter EndingsFredk. Hastings.1 Kings 20:11
Two Prophets PartedF. Hastings.2 Kings 2:11-12
The Defrauded Widow; Or, Coincidences in FileF. Hastings.2 Kings 8:4-6
Hazael: Evil DetectedF. Hastings.2 Kings 8:13
Royal Congratulations and National OstentationF. Hastings.2 Kings 20:12-13
Jashobeam, and Courageous CompanionsJ. Hastings.1 Chronicles 11:15-19
Well StartedF. Hastings.2 Chronicles 34:3
Cyrus: the Divinely-Directed DelivererF. Hastings.2 Chronicles 36:22-23
Foes of the FaithF. Hastings.Nehemiah 4:7-18
The Sated SovereignF. Hastings Esther 1:4
A Drunken DeviceF. Hastings Esther 1:10
Privileged PersonsF. Hastings Esther 1:14
Unjustifiable DivorceF. Hastings.Esther 1:16-20
A Relative's SolicitudeF. Hastings Esther 2:11
Simple TastesF. Hastings Esther 2:15
Convicted ConspiratorsF. Hastings Esther 2:23
Written, But not RememberedF. Hastings Esther 2:23
Consulting OmensF. Hastings Esther 3:7
A Greedy Grand VizierF. Hastings Esther 3:11
Swift CouriersF. Hastings Esther 3:15
The Cry of the WretchedF. Hastings Esther 4:5
Discerning OpportunitiesF. Hastings Esther 4:14
Prayer and ResolveF. Hastings Esther 4:16
Unavailing HonourF. Hastings Esther 5:13
Worldly Possessions Cannot Give Full SatisfactionF. Hastings.Esther 5:13
Conjugal ConfidencesF. Hastings Esther 6:13
Moments that FlashF. Hastings Esther 7:7
The Covered CountenanceF. Hastings Esther 7:8
Righteous RetributionF. Hastings Esther 7:9
Repairing MischiefF. Hastings Esther 8:5
Brightened LifeF. Hastings Esther 8:16, 17
A Reign of TerrorF. Hastings Esther 9:2-5
A Memorial FeastF. Hastings Esther 9:27, 28
Valuable Lessons from Unpromising MaterialsF. Hastings Esther 9:32
A Life Summed UpF. Hastings Esther 10:3
The Two Pursuits with Their Respective EndsH. J. Hastings, M.A.Proverbs 11:18
Lion or DogF. Hastings.Ecclesiastes 9:4
The Fear of GodH. J. Hastings, M. A.Ecclesiastes 12:13
Christ in ProphecyH. L. Hastings.Isaiah 7:14
The Effusion of the Holy SpiritH. J. Hastings, M. A.Isaiah 30:23
Feeding on AshesH. J. Hastings, M. A.Isaiah 44:20
Spiritual DarknessF. Hastings.Isaiah 50:10-11
Zion ComfortedH. J. Hastings, M.A.Isaiah 51:3
The Sure Mercies of DavidH. J. Hastings, M. A.Isaiah 55:3
The Prince of MeshechF. Hastings, M. A.Ezekiel 38:10
The Three Witnesses on the Plains of DuraH. J. Hastings, M.A.Daniel 3:12-18
And Called My Son Out of EgyptJames Hastings, M. A.Hosea 11:1
True PenitentsH. J. Hastings, M. A.Hosea 14:8
God's GriefF. Hastings.Amos 2:13
A City ArousedFrederick Hastings.Amos 3:6
The Lord in His Holy TempleH. J. Hastings, M. A.Habakkuk 2:20
Light At Evening TimeF. Hastings.Zechariah 14:7
ForgivenessH. L. Hastings.Matthew 18:23-35
Refusing a LegacyF. Hastings.Matthew 27:1-10
Simeon: Saint, Singer, and SeerF. Hastings.Luke 2:25-35
Fifth Sunday After TrinityH. J. Hastings, M. A.Luke 5:8
The Things Belonging to Our PeaceH. J. Hastings, M. A.Luke 19:41-44
So When They Continued Asking Him, He Lifted Himself UpF. Hastings.John 8:3-11
Secret DiscipleshipF. Hastings.John 19:38-42
Mnason, the Aged CyprioteF. Hastings.Acts 21:16
The Dispensations of the Law and Gospel ComparedH. J. Hastings, M. A.2 Corinthians 3:7-11
The Damascene Ethnarch; Foiled DesignsF. Hastings.2 Corinthians 11:30-33
Duty of the Church to the Over-TemptedF. Hastings.Galatians 6:1
The Blessedness of Burden BearingF. Hastings.Galatians 6:2
Glory to God Though Jesus ChristH. J. Hastings, M. A.Ephesians 3:21
Euodias and Syntyche, or the Troublesome TongueF. Hastings.Philippians 4:2
Desire for God's ApprobationH. L. Hastings.2 Timothy 2:15
Christ the First-BegottenH. J. Hastings, M. A.Hebrews 1:4-14
Hard ThingsF. Hastings.2 Peter 3:15-16
The Purifying Effect of Hope in ChristH. J. Hastings, M. A.1 John 3:3
Antipas; Or, Reliable PrinciplesF. Hastings.Revelation 2:12-17

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