Revelation 14
Orthodox Jewish Bible
1 And I looked, and, hinei, the SEH (Lamb, SHEMOT 12:3; YESHAYAH 53:7 Moshiach) having taken his stand on Mount Tziyon and with him the 144,000 having ha-Shem of him and ha-Shem of HaAv of him which had been written on their metsakhim (foreheads). [YECHEZKEL 9:4] 2 And I heard a sound out of Shomayim as a sound of mayim rabbim (many waters) and as a sound of ra'am gadol (loud thunder), and the sound which I heard was as of players of the nevel playing on their nevalim (harps). 3 And they sing, as it were, a Shir Chadash (New Song) before the Kes (Throne) and before the Arbah Chayyot (four living beings) and before the Zekenim (Elders, Ex 12:21), and no one was being able to learn the Shir (Song) except the 144,000, the ones for whom the Geulah price had been paid for their redemption [Lv 5:5-6; Ex 13:13], the ones having been redeemed (purchased) from ha'aretz (the earth). 4 These are those who with nashim (women) are not tameh (unclean, defiled), bochrim ki betullim they are, for these are the ones following the SEH (Lamb, SHEMOT 12:3; YESHAYAH 53:7 Moshiach) wherever he goes. These chasidim had the Geulah price paid for their redemption [VAYIKRA 25:50, 51; YESHAYAH 61:2], the ones having been purchased from Bnei Adam as the bikkurim (firstfruits) to Hashem and to the SEH (Lamb, YESHAYAH 53:7). [YIRMEYAH 2:3] 5 And in the peh of them was not found MIRMAH (deceit, YESHAYAH 53:9); they are without mumim (defects). [TEHILLIM 32:2; ZEFANYAH 3:13]

6 And I saw another malach (angel) flying midair in Shomayim, having the eternal Besuras HaGeulah to proclaim to the ones sitting on ha'aretz (the earth) and to every goy (nation) and shevet (tribe) and lashon (language) and am (people), 7 Saying in a kol gadol (loud voice), " Have yirat Shomayim toward Hashem and give Him kavod (glory), because the hour of His Yom HaMishpat has come. And worship Him, HaBoreh HaShomayim v'HaAretz (the creator of Heaven and Earth) and Yam (Sea) and ma'ayanot (springs, sources) of mayim. [TEHILLIM 34:9]

8 And another malach (angel), sheyni (a second one), followed, saying, NAFLAH, NAFLAH BABEL (" Fallen, fallen is Babylon the Great" , YESHAYAH 21:9), who of the yayin of the ta'avah (lust) of her zenunim (fornications) has made all the Nations to drink. [YIRMEYAH 51:8]

9 And another malach (angel), shlishi (a third one), followed them saying, in a kol gadol (loud voice), " If anyone worships the Chayyah [Beast, Anti-Moshiach] and its Atzav (idol, image, PESEL, graven image, YESHAYAH 21:9) and if anyone receives a mark on his metsakh (forehead) or on the yad of him, 10 Such will drink of the yayin of the Charon Af Hashem (burning wrath of Hashem), having been mixed undiluted in the kos (cup) of his Charon Af, and such will be tormented by eish (fire) and gofrit (sulfur) before malachim hakedoshim (the holy angels) and before the SEH (Lamb, SHEMOT 12:3; YESHAYAH 53:7 Moshiach). [YESHAYAH 51:17; 66:24; YIRMEYAH 25:15; 51:7] 11 And the smoke of their torment ascends l'Olmei Olamim, and for them there is no menuchah (place of rest) yomam valailah (day and night), none for the ones worshiping the Chayyah (Beast, Anti-Moshiach) and its Atzav (image), nor for anyone who receives the mark of its name!" [YESHAYAH 34:10] 12 Here is the savlanut (patient endurance) of the Kadoshim, the ones being shomer over the mitzvot of Hashem, who hold fast to the [Orthodox Jewish] emunah of Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach.

13 And I heard a kol (voice) out of Shomayim saying, " Write: 'Ashrey (Happy are) are the mesim (dead ones), the ones dying in Adoneinu, from now on.' 'Ken,' says the Ruach Hakodesh, 'so that they will rest from their ma'asim, for the ma'asim of them follow them.'"

14 And I looked, and, hinei, an anan (cloud) lavan (white), and on the anan (cloud) there was one sitting like the Bar Enosh [Moshiach, DANIEL 7:13-14]. He has on the head of him a golden Keter (Crown) and in the yad (hand) of him a sharp MAGGAL (sickle, YOEL 4:13 [3:13]). [HOSHEA 6:11; DANIEL 7:13] 15 And another malach (angel) came out of the Beis Hamikdash, crying with a kol gadol (loud voice) to the one sitting on the anan, " Put forth your MAGGAL (sickle, YOEL 4:13 [3:13]) and reap, because the hour to reap has come, because the Katzir Ha'Aretz (Harvest of the Earth) is ripe!" [YIRMEYAH 51:33] 16 And the one sitting on the anan (cloud) put forth his MAGGAL (sickle, 4:13 [YOEL 3:13]) on ha'aretz (the earth) and ha'aretz (the earth) was reaped.

17 And another malach (angel) came out of the Beis Hamikdash in Shomayim, having also with him a sharp MAGGAL (sickle, YOEL 4:13 [3:13]). 18 And another malach (angel) came out of the Mizbe'ach (altar), having shilton (authority) over the eish, and he spoke with a kol gadol (loud voice) to the one having the sharp MAGGAL, saying, " Put forth your sharp MAGGAL and gather the clusters of the gefen (vine) of ha'aretz, because the grapes of it are ripe." [Isa 63:1-6] 19 And the malach (angel) put forth his MAGGAL to ha'aretz (the earth) and gathered the vintage of ha'aretz (the earth) and threw it into the GAT hagedolah (great winepress, YOEL 4:13 [3:13]) of the Charon Af of Hashem (burning wrath of Hashem). [YESHAYAH 63:3] 20 And the GAT hagedolah was trodden on outside the Ir (City) and dahm (blood) came out from the GAT up to the bridles of the susim (horses) for about two hundred miles. [YESHAYAH 63:3; YOEL 4:13 [3:13]; BERESHIS 49:11; DEVARIM 32:14]

The Orthodox Jewish Bible fourth edition, OJB. Copyright 2002,2003,2008,2010, 2011 by Artists for Israel International. All rights reserved.
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