2 Samuel 24
Orthodox Jewish Bible
1 And again the Af Hashem was kindled against Yisroel, and He incited Dovid against them to say, Go, number Yisroel and Yehudah. 2 For HaMelech said to Yoav Sar HaChayil, who was with him, Go now through kol Shivtei Yisroel, from Dan even to Beer Sheva, and number ye HaAm, that I may know the Mispar HaAm. 3 And Yoav said unto HaMelech, Now Hashem Eloheicha add unto HaAm, how many soever they be, a hundredfold, and that the eyes of adoni HaMelech may see it; but why doth adoni HaMelech delight in this thing? 4 Notwithstanding the devar HaMelech prevailed against Yoav, and against the Sarei HeChayil. And Yoav and the Sarei HaChayil went out from before HaMelech, to number HaAm Yisroel. 5 And they passed over Yarden, encamped in Aroer, on the south of the Ir that lieth in the middle of the ravine of Gad, toward Yazer; 6 Then they came to Gil`ad, to Eretz Tachtim-Chodshi; they came to Dan-Ya'an, went around to Tzidon, 7 And came to the fortress of Tzor, and to all the cities of the Chivi, and of Kena'ani; and they went out to the Negev of Yehudah, to Beer Sheva. 8 So when they had gone through kol HaAretz, they came to Yerushalayim at the end of 9 months and 20 days. 9 And Yoav gave up the sum of the number of HaAm unto HaMelech; and there were in Yisroel Shmoneh Me'ot Elef ish chayil that drew the cherev; and the Ish Yehudah were chamesh Me'ot Elef ish.

10 And the lev Dovid struck him after that he had numbered HaAm. And Dovid said unto Hashem, Chatati (I have sinned) me'od (greatly) in what I have done; and now, Hashem, take away the avon (iniquity, guilt) of Thy eved; for I have done very foolishly. 11 For when Dovid rose up in the boker, the Devar Hashem came unto Gad HaNavi, the Chozeh Dovid (Seer of Dovid), saying, 12 Go, say unto Dovid, Thus saith Hashem, I offer thee shalosh (three, three things); choose for thee one of them, that I may do it unto thee. 13 So Gad came to Dovid, and told him, and said unto him, Shall shalosh [T.N. see 1Chr 21:12, Hebrew here says sheva] shanim of ra'av (famine) come unto thee in thy land? Or wilt thou flee shloshah chodashim before thine enemies, while they pursue thee? Or that there be shloshet yamim dever (three days of pestilence) in thy land? Now consider, and see what answer I shall return to Him that sent me. 14 And Dovid said unto Gad, I am in a great tzar (distress); let us fall now into the Yad Hashem; for His rachamim are rabbim: and let me not fall into the yad adam.

15 So Hashem sent a dever (pestilence) upon Yisroel from the boker even to the es mo'ed (time appointed); and there died of HaAm from Dan even to Beer Sheva shiv'im elef ish. 16 And when the Malach stretched out his yad upon Yerushalayim to destroy her, Hashem relented from the destruction, and said to the Malach that destroyed HaAm, It is enough; restrain now thine yad. And the Malach Hashem was by the goren of Aravnah the Yevusi. 17 And Dovid spoke unto Hashem when he saw the Malach that struck HaAm, and said, Hineh, I have sinned, and I have transgressed; but these tzon, what have they done? Let Thine yad be against me, and against Bais Avi [Isa 53:6].

18 And Gad came that day to Dovid, and said unto him, Go up, erect a Mizbe'ach unto Hashem in the goren of Aravnah the Yevusi. 19 And Dovid, according to the Devar Gad, went up as Hashem commanded. 20 And Aravnah looked, and saw HaMelech and his avadim coming on toward him; and Aravnah went out, and prostrated himself before HaMelech on his face upon the ground. 21 And Aravnah said, Why is adoni HaMelech come to his eved? And Dovid said, To buy the goren of thee, to build a Mizbe'ach unto Hashem, that the magefah (plague) may be withdrawn from HaAm. 22 And Aravnah said unto Dovid, Let adoni HaMelech take and offer up what seemeth tov unto him; see, here are oxen for the olah (burnt sacrifice), and threshing tools and other instruments of the bakar (oxen) for wood. 23 All these things did Aravnah, hamelech lamelech, give. And Aravnah said unto HaMelech, Hashem Eloheicha yirtzecha (accept thee). 24 And HaMelech said unto Aravnah, Lo (no); but I will surely buy it of thee at a mekhir (price); neither will I offer olot (burnt offerings) unto Hashem Elohai of that which doth cost me nothing. So Dovid bought the goren and the bakar for fifty shekels of kesef. 25 And Dovid built there a Mizbe'ach unto Hashem, and offered olot (burnt offerings) and shelamim (peace offerings). So Hashem was entreated for the land, and the magefah (plague, T.N. see Isa 53:8) was withdrawn from Yisroel.

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