Psalm 136:17
Parallel Verses
New International Version
to him who struck down great kings, His love endures forever.

King James Bible
To him which smote great kings: for his mercy endureth for ever:

Darby Bible Translation
To him that smote great kings, for his loving-kindness [endureth] for ever,

World English Bible
To him who struck great kings; for his loving kindness endures forever;

Young's Literal Translation
To Him smiting great kings, For to the age is His kindness.

Psalm 136:17 Parallel
Clarke's Commentary on the Bible

Which led his people through the wilderness - It was an astonishing miracle of God to support so many hundreds of thousands of people in a wilderness totally deprived of all necessaries for the life of man, and that for the space of forty years.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Psalm 135:10,11 Who smote great nations, and slew mighty kings...

Joshua 12:1 Now these are the kings of the land, which the children of Israel smote...

Pilgrim Song
Gerhard Ter Steegen Ps. cxxxvi. 16 Come, children, on and forward! With us the Father goes; He leads us, and He guards us Through thousands of our foes: The sweetness and the glory, The sunlight of His eyes, Make all the desert places To glow as paradise. Lo! through the pathless midnight The fiery pillar leads, And onward goes the Shepherd Before the flock He feeds; Unquestioning, unfearing, The lambs may follow on, In quietness and confidence, Their eyes on Him alone. Come, children, on and
Frances Bevan—Hymns of Ter Steegen, Suso, and Others

We turn once more to follow the steps of Christ, now among the last He trod upon earth. The hymn,' with which the Paschal Supper ended, had been sung. Probably we are to understand this of the second portion of the Hallel, [5818] sung some time after the third Cup, or else of Psalm cxxxvi., which, in the present Ritual, stands near the end of the service. The last Discourses had been spoken, the last Prayer, that of Consecration, had been offered, and Jesus prepared to go forth out of the City, to
Alfred Edersheim—The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah

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