Psalm 114:4
Parallel Verses
New International Version
the mountains leaped like rams, the hills like lambs.

King James Bible
The mountains skipped like rams, and the little hills like lambs.

Darby Bible Translation
The mountains skipped like rams, the hills like lambs.

World English Bible
The mountains skipped like rams, the little hills like lambs.

Young's Literal Translation
The mountains have skipped as rams, Heights as sons of a flock.

Psalm 114:4 Parallel
Clarke's Commentary on the Bible

The sea saw it, and fled - Mr. Addison has properly observed (see Spect. No. 461) that the author of this Psalm designedly works for effect, in pointing out the miraculous driving back the Red Sea and the river Jordan, and the commotion of the hills and mountains, without mentioning any agent. At last, when the reader sees the sea rapidly retiring from the shore, Jordan retreating to its source, and the mountains and hills running away like a flock of affrighted sheep, that the passage of the Israelites might be every where uninterrupted; then the cause of all is suddenly introduced, and the presence of God in his grandeur solves every difficulty.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Psalm 39:6 Surely every man walks in a vain show: surely they are disquieted in vain: he heaps up riches, and knows not who shall gather them.

Psalm 68:16 Why leap you, you high hills? this is the hill which God desires to dwell in; yes, the LORD will dwell in it for ever.

Exodus 19:18 And mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke, because the LORD descended on it in fire...

Exodus 20:18 And all the people saw the thunder, and the lightning, and the noise of the trumpet, and the mountain smoking...

Judges 5:4,5 LORD, when you went out of Seir, when you marched out of the field of Edom, the earth trembled, and the heavens dropped...

Jeremiah 4:23,24 I beheld the earth, and, see, it was without form, and void; and the heavens, and they had no light...

Micah 1:3,4 For, behold, the LORD comes forth out of his place, and will come down, and tread on the high places of the earth...

Nahum 1:5 The mountains quake at him, and the hills melt, and the earth is burned at his presence, yes, the world, and all that dwell therein.

Habakkuk 3:6,8 He stood, and measured the earth: he beheld, and drove asunder the nations; and the everlasting mountains were scattered...

2 Peter 3:7-11 But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store...

Revelation 20:11 And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away...

February the Third Transforming the Hard Heart
The Lord "turned the flint into a fountain of waters." --PSALM cxiv. What a violent conjunction, the flint becoming the birthplace of a spring! And yet this is happening every day. Men who are as "hard as flint," whose hearts are "like the nether millstone," become springs of gentleness and fountains of exquisite compassion. Beautiful graces, like lovely ferns, grow in the home of severities, and transform the grim, stern soul into a garden of fragrant friendships. This is what Zacchaeus was like
John Henry Jowett—My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year

(i) As of the De Spiritu Sancto, so of the Hexæmeron, no further account need be given here. It may, however, be noted that the Ninth Homily ends abruptly, and the latter, and apparently more important, portion of the subject is treated of at less length than the former. Jerome [472] and Cassiodorus [473] speak of nine homilies only on the creation. Socrates [474] says the Hexæmeron was completed by Gregory of Nyssa. Three orations are published among Basil's works, two on the creation
Basil—Basil: Letters and Select Works

Cross References
Exodus 19:18
Mount Sinai was covered with smoke, because the LORD descended on it in fire. The smoke billowed up from it like smoke from a furnace, and the whole mountain trembled violently.

Judges 5:5
The mountains quaked before the LORD, the One of Sinai, before the LORD, the God of Israel.

Psalm 18:7
The earth trembled and quaked, and the foundations of the mountains shook; they trembled because he was angry.

Psalm 29:6
He makes Lebanon leap like a calf, Sirion like a young wild ox.

Habakkuk 3:6
He stood, and shook the earth; he looked, and made the nations tremble. The ancient mountains crumbled and the age-old hills collapsed-- but he marches on forever.

Zechariah 4:7
"What are you, mighty mountain? Before Zerubbabel you will become level ground. Then he will bring out the capstone to shouts of 'God bless it! God bless it!'"

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