Proverbs 9
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1Wisdom has built her house, "" She has hewn out her pillars—seven.

2She has slaughtered her slaughter, "" She has mingled her wine, "" Indeed, she has arranged her table.

3She has sent forth her girls, "" She cries on the tops of the high places of the city:

4“Who [is] simple? Let him turn aside here.” Whoever lacks heart: she has said to him,

5“Come, eat of my bread, "" And drink of the wine I have mingled.

6Forsake the simple and live, "" And be blessed in the way of understanding.”

7The instructor of a scorner "" Is receiving for it—shame, "" And a reprover of the wicked—his blemish.

8Do not reprove a scorner, lest he hate you, "" Give reproof to the wise, and he loves you.

9Give to the wise, and he is wiser still, "" Make known to the righteous, "" And he increases learning.

10The commencement of wisdom [is] the fear of YHWH, "" And a knowledge of the Holy Ones [is] understanding.

11For by me your days multiply, "" And years of life are added to you.

12If you have been wise, you have been wise for yourself, "" And you have scorned—you bear [it] alone.

13A foolish woman [is] noisy, "" Simple, and has not known what.

14And she has sat at the opening of her house, "" On a throne—the high places of the city,

15To call to those passing by the way, "" Who are going straight [on] their paths.

16“Who [is] simple? Let him turn aside here.” And whoever lacks heart—she said to him,

17“Stolen waters are sweet, "" And hidden bread is pleasant.”

18And he has not known that Rephaim [are] there, "" Her invited ones in deep places of Sheol!

Literal Standard Version
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