Isaiah 46
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1Bel has bowed down, Nebo is stooping, || Their idols have been for the beast and for livestock, || Your burdens are loaded, a burden to the weary.

2They have stooped, they have bowed together, || They have not been able to deliver the burden, || And have gone into captivity themselves.

3“Listen to Me, O house of Jacob, || And all the remnant of Israel, || Who are borne from the belly, || Who are carried from the womb,

4Even to old age, I [am] He, and to grey hairs I carry, || I made, and I bear, indeed, I carry and deliver.

5To whom do you liken Me, and make equal? And compare Me, that we may be like?

6They are pouring out gold from a bag, || And they weigh silver on the beam, || They hire a refiner, and he makes it a god, || They fall down, indeed, they bow themselves.

7They lift him up on the shoulder, || They carry him, and cause him to rest in his place, || And he stands, he does not move from his place, || Indeed, one cries to him, and he does not answer, || He does not save him from his adversity.

8Remember this, and show yourselves men, || Turn [it] back, O transgressors, to the heart.

9Remember former things of old, || For I [am] Mighty, and there is none else, || God—and there is none like Me.

10Declaring the latter end from the beginning, || And from of old that which has not been done, || Saying, My counsel stands, || And all My delight I do.

11Calling a ravenous bird from the east, || The man of My counsel from a far land, || Indeed, I have spoken, indeed, I bring it in, || I have formed [it], indeed, I do it.

12Listen to Me, you mighty in heart, || Who are far from righteousness.

13I have brought My righteousness near, || It is not far off, || And My salvation—it does not linger, || And I have given salvation in Zion, || For Israel My glory!”

Literal Standard Version
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