Quiet Talks about Jesus

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A Bit Ahead

I. The Purpose of Jesus

The Purpose in Jesus' Coming

God Spelling Himself out in Jesus.

Jesus is God, following us up.

The Early Eden Picture.

Man's Bad Break.

Outside the Eden Gate.

Sin's Brood.

God's Treatment of Sin.

A Bright Gleam of Light.

The Broken Tryst.

God's Wooing.

The Plan for Jesus' Coming

The Image of God.

Fastening a Tether Inside.

The First Touches on the Canvas.

A Full-length Picture in Colors.

Back to Eden.

Strange Dark Shadowings.

The Tragic Break in the Plan

The Jerusalem Climate.

The Bethlehem Fog.

The Man Sent Ahead.

The Contemptuous Rejection.

The Aggressive Rejection.

The Murderous Rejection.

Suffering the Birth-pains of a New Life.

Some Surprising Results of the Tragic Break

The Surprised Jew.

The Surprised Church.

The Surprising Jew.

II. The Person of Jesus

The Human Jesus

God's Meaning of "Human."

The Hurt of Sin.

Our Fellow.

There's More of God Since Jesus Went Back.

The Divine Jesus


God's Spokesman.

Whom Moses Saw.

Jesus is God Wooing Man.

The Winsome Jesus

The Face of Jesus

The Music of God in the Voice of Jesus.

III. The Great Experiences of Jesus' Life

The Jordan: The Decisive Start

The Anvil of Experience.

Our Brother.

The Wilderness: Temptation

The University of Arabia.

Earth's Ugliest, Deepest Scar.

Waiting the Father's Word.

Love Never Tests.

The Devil Acknowledges the King.

The Transfiguration: An Emergency Measure

God in Sore Straits.

Fire and Anvil for Leaders.

An Irresistible Plan.

"The Glory of that Light."

A Vision of Jesus.

Gethsemane: The Strange, Lone Struggle

The Pathway In.

The Climax of Jesus' Suffering.


Calvary: Victory

Yielding to Arrest.

The Real Jewish Ruler.

Held Steady by Great Love.

An Obstinate Roman.

A Savage Duel.


The Resurrection: Gravity Upward

A New Morning.

Jesus Seeking Out Peter.

Made Known in the Breaking of Bread.

Gravity Upward.

The Life Side of Death.

The Ascension: Back Home Again Until----

Tarry Ye--Go Ye.

Coming Again.

Study Notes

Analysis and References

I. The Purpose of Jesus.

1. The Purpose in the Coming of Jesus.

2. The Plan for the Coming of Jesus.

3. The Tragic Break in the Plan.

4. Some Surprising Results of the Break.

II. The Person of Jesus.

1. The Human Jesus.

2. The Divine Jesus.

3. The Winsome Jesus.

III. The Great Experiences of Jesus' Life.

1. The Jordan: The Decisive Start. Matthew 3:13-17. Mark 1:9-11. Luke

2. The Wilderness: Temptation. Matthew 4:1-11. Mark 1:12, 13. Luke 4:1-13.

3. The Transfiguration: An Emergency Measure. Matthew 16:28-17:1-8. Mark 9:1-8. Luke 9:27-36.

4. Gethsemane: The Strange, Lone Struggle. Matthew 26:36-46. Mark 14:32-42. Luke 22:39-46. Hebrews 5:7.

5. Calvary: Victory. Matthew 26:47-27:61. Mark 14: 43-15:47. Luke 22:47-23:56. John 18:1-19:42.

6. The Resurrection: Gravity Upward. Matthew 28:1-15. Mark 16:1-8. Luke 24:1-49. John 20:1-21:25. 1 Corinthians 15:4-7.

7. The Ascension: Back Home Again Until----


Transcriber's Notes

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