The Resurrection: Gravity Upward. Matthew 28:1-15. Mark 16:1-8. Luke 24:1-49. John 20:1-21:25. 1 Corinthians 15:4-7.
A New Morning: early visit to the tomb -- Mary Magdalene's alarmed call for Peter -- the message of the angels -- Peter and John come -- another group of women get an angelic message.

Jesus seeking out Peter: Mary Magdalene meets Jesus -- He meets other women -- the soldiers' story -- alone with Peter.

Made Known in the Breaking of Bread: the Emmaus travellers -- the Stranger's explanation -- the evening meal -- the Master!

Even so Send I you: the meeting in Jerusalem -- the Master's unexpected presence -- the sure proofs -- breathing on them -- Thomas' stubborn doubts -- a week later -- a second great catch of fish -- to James -- to five hundred -- on Olives' top -- the Bethany home not represented.

Gravity Upward: the resurrection not expected -- fully assured -- the new victory-day -- Jesus was raised -- He rose at will -- His dying voluntary, so the rising -- man's true gravity -- sin's gravity -- Jesus' gravity upward.

The Life Side of Death: bodily changes in Jesus -- personal identity unchanged -- limitations gone -- the Leader of a new sort of life.

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