Jeremiah 48:9
NASB Lexicon
NASB ©HebrewStrong'sOrigin
5414: to give, put, seta prim. root
6731a: perhaps wingsof uncertain derivation
to Moab,לְמֹואָ֔ב
4124: a son of Lot,also his desc. and the territory where they settledfrom a prefixed syllable and ab
For she will flee away;תֵּצֵ֑א
3318: to go or come outa prim. root
And her citiesוְעָרֶ֙יהָ֙
5892b: city, townof uncertain derivation
will becomeתִֽהְיֶ֔ינָה
1961: to fall out, come to pass, become, bea prim. root
a desolation,לְשַׁמָּ֣ה
8047: waste, horrorfrom shamem
369: nothing, noughta prim. root
3427: to sit, remain, dwella prim. root
in them. 

KJV Lexicon
nathan  (naw-than')
to give, used with greatest latitude of application (put, make, etc.)
tsiyts  (tseets)
glistening, i.e. a burnished plate; also a flower (as bright-colored); a wing (as gleaming in the air) -- blossom, flower, plate, wing.
unto Moab
Mow'ab  (mo-awb)
from (her (the mother's) father; Moab, an incestuous son of Lot; also his territory and descendants -- Moab.
that it may flee
natsa'  (naw-tsaw')
to go away; --flee.
and get away
yatsa'  (yaw-tsaw')
to go (causatively, bring) out, in a great variety of applications, literally and figuratively, direct and proxim.
for the cities
`iyr  (eer)
or (in the plural) par {awr}; or ayar (Judges 10:4) {aw-yar'}; a city (a place guarded by waking or a watch) in the widest sense (even of a mere encampment or post) -- Ai (from margin), city, court (from margin), town.
thereof shall be desolate
shammah  (sham-maw')
ruin; by implication, consternation -- astonishment, desolate(-ion), waste, wonderful thing.
without any to dwell
yashab  (yaw-shab')
to sit down (specifically as judge. in ambush, in quiet); by implication, to dwell, to remain; causatively, to settle, to marry
hen  (hane)
they (only used when emphatic) -- in, such like, (with) them, thereby, therein, (more than) they, wherein, in which, whom, withal.
Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
"Give wings to Moab, For she will flee away; And her cities will become a desolation, Without inhabitants in them.

King James Bible
Give wings unto Moab, that it may flee and get away: for the cities thereof shall be desolate, without any to dwell therein.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
Make Moab a salt marsh, for she will run away; her towns will become a desolation, without inhabitant.

International Standard Version
"Put salt on Moab for she will surely fall. Her towns will become desolate places, without any inhabitants in them.

NET Bible
Set up a gravestone for Moab, for it will certainly be laid in ruins! Its cities will be laid waste and become uninhabited."

GOD'S WORD® Translation
Put salt on Moab. It will be destroyed. Its cities will become deserted ruins.

King James 2000 Bible
Give wings unto Moab, that it may flee and get away: for its cities shall be desolate, without any to dwell in them.
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