2 Corinthians 7
The Scriptures (ISR 1998)

1Having, then, these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all defilement of the flesh and spirit, perfecting set-apartness in the fear of Elohim.

2Make room for us, we wronged no one, we corrupted no one, we exploited no one.

3I do not say this to condemn, for I previously said that you are in our hearts, to die together and to live together.

4Great is my boldness of speech toward you, great is my boasting on your behalf. I have been filled with encouragement, I overflow with joy in all our pressure.

5For, indeed, when we came into Makedonia, our flesh had no rest, but we were hard pressed on every side – conflicts without, fears within.

6But Elohim, who encourages the downcast, encouraged us by the coming of Titus,

7and not only by his coming, but also by the encouragement with which he was encouraged over you, when he reported to us your longing, your mourning, your ardour for me, so that I greatly rejoiced.

8For even if I made you sad with my letter, I do not regret it, though I did regret it. For I perceive that the same letter made you sad, even if for an hour.

9I now rejoice, not that you were made sad, but that you were saddened into repenting. For you were made sad according to Elohim, so that you suffered no loss from us.

10For sadness according to Elohim works repentance to deliverance, not to be regretted, but the sadness of the world works death.

11For see how you have been saddened according to Elohim – how much it worked out in you eagerness; indeed, clearing of yourselves; indeed, displeasure; indeed, fear; indeed, longing; indeed, ardour; indeed, righting of wrong! In every way you proved yourselves to be clear in the matter.

12So although I wrote to you, it was not for the sake of him who had done the wrong, nor for the sake of him who suffered wrong, but for the sake of revealing our diligence for you, before Elohim.

13For this reason we have been encouraged in your encouragement. And we rejoiced exceedingly more for the joy of Titus, because his spirit has been refreshed by all of you.

14Because if I have boasted somewhat about you to him, I am not ashamed. But as we spoke to you in all truth, even so our boasting to Titus was found true.

15And his tender feelings are greater for you as he remembers the obedience of all of you, as you received him with fear and trembling.

16I rejoice that in every way I am of good courage by reason of you.

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