Psalm 57
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1Show mercy upon me, God, because it is in you that my soul hopes, and in the shadow of your wings I shall have refuge until trouble passes.

2I shall call to God, The Highest, and to God my Savior.

3For he sent from Heaven and he saved me and he has reproached my enemies. God sent his grace and his truth.

4And he saved my soul from the dogs and I slept as I was troubled. The teeth of the children of men are spears and arrows and their tongue like a sharp sword.

5God is exalted above Heaven and your honor is over all the Earth.

6They prepared a net for my feet and they have dug a ditch for my soul and they fell into it.

7My heart is ready, oh, God, my heart is ready; I shall praise and sing in my honor.

8Awake my harp! Awake psaltery and harp, and I shall awake at dawn!

9I shall confess to you among the nations, oh, God; I shall sing to your Name among the peoples

10Because your kindness is exalted unto Heaven and your faithfulness unto the roof of Heaven!

11God, be exalted above Heaven, and let your honor be above all the Earth!

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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