Jeremiah 9
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1But who gave my head waters and my eyes a fountain of tears? Moreover I have wept by day and by night for the slain of the daughter of my people!

2But who has left me in the wilderness a house of lodging of travelers of the road, and I left my people and I myself went from their presence, because all of them commit adultery and are assemblies of liars

3And they shoot their tongue like what is in their bow with lying, and they are not heroic for the truth in the earth, because they went out from evil to evil, and they have not known me, says LORD JEHOVAH

4Let a man beware of his neighbor, and you shall not trust upon any brother, because every brother shall defraud from all, and every friend walks by treachery

5And every man is lying with his fellow man and is not speaking truth. They have taught their tongue to speak falsehood, and they were disturbed and weary

6Your dwelling is within deceit, in their treachery they did not choose to know me, says LORD JEHOVAH

7Because of this, thus says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts: “Behold, I refine them and prove them, for how shall I do before the daughter of my people?

8Their tongue is as a sharp arrow and it speaks deceit in its mouth. A man speaks peace with his neighbor, and within himself he plots an ambush

9Shall I not adjudicate for these things, says LORD JEHOVAH, and shall not my soul be avenged on such a people?

10On the mountains take up weeping and wailing, and upon the pastures of the wilderness a lamentation of the wastes that are without a man passing through, and no one hears a sound of livestock. From the bird of the sky and unto the beast, they are scattered and are gone

11And I shall make Jerusalem desolate, a dwelling for jackals, and the cities of Judea I shall give to the wilderness that is without one inhabitant

12Who is the man who is wise? He shall perceive this, and upon whom is the word of the mouth of LORD JEHOVAH? He shall reveal it to him. Why has the land come to nothing and is desolate as the wilderness which is without one passing through?” 13And LORD JEHOVAH said: “Because they have forsaken my Law which I gave to them and to their fathers, and they did not listen to my voice, and they did not walk in it 14And they went after the will of their evil heart, and after the idols which their fathers had taught them 15Because of this, thus says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts, God of Israel: “Behold, I feed this people bitter herbs and give them bitter waters to drink 16And I shall scatter them among the Gentiles whom they have not known, they and their fathers, and I shall send a sword after them until I finish them

17Thus says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts: “Call for the mourners, and they shall come, and send for the wise, and they shall come

18And they shall hurry, and they shall take up lamentation for us, and tears shall run down our eyes, and our eyelids gush waters

19Because a voice of wailing was heard from Zion that said: “How we are plundered! We are very greatly ashamed because we left the land and our tents have fallen!”

20Because of this, hear, oh women, the word of LORD JEHOVAH, and your ears shall receive the word of his mouth, and teach your daughters lamentations, and a woman a melody to her neighbor woman

21Because death has come up to our windows and it entered into our palaces to destroy boys from the streets, and young men from the broadways

22For thus says LORD JEHOVAH: “The corpses of the children of men shall fall as dung on the face of the field, and as grass after the reaper, and there is no gatherer

23Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: ‘A wise man shall not boast in his wisdom, and the mighty man shall not boast in his might, neither shall the rich man boast in his wealth 24But whoever boasts shall boast in this, whoever understands and knows me, that I AM LORD JEHOVAH, performing grace and judgment and righteousness in the earth, and in these things I have delighted, says LORD JEHOVAH

25Behold, the days are coming, says LORD JEHOVAH, and I shall adjudicate everyone who is circumcised to be in uncircumcision 26On Egyptian and upon Jews and upon Edum, and upon children of Amon and upon Moab, and upon all cutting the beard who dwell in the wilderness, because all of the nations are uncircumcised in their flesh, and all of them of the house of Israel are uncircumcised in their heart”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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